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Biden’s statements against Putin lead to a deterioration in relations between the two countries – Politics – Reports and translations

The US President, Joe Biden, did not back down in his confrontation with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, as he described him as a murderer and promised to take harsh steps against a series of cyber attacks by the Kremlin against the United States. Biden warns against taking retaliatory steps against Russia, in response to the US intelligence services ’conclusion that Putin requested an operation aimed at undermining Biden’s candidacy in the 2020 elections.

The administration has sought to strongly criticize Russia for its bad behavior at the highest levels of its government, which is considered a departure from the policy of former President Donald Trump, who used to talk cordially about Putin, and constantly rejects the possibility that Russia has interfered in the US elections, in addition to other bad actions .

But the Biden administration also wants to work with Russia in areas of common interest, but the developments that occurred last week could complicate these efforts, given the angry reaction that emerged from Moscow as a result of these developments. Last Thursday, Putin responded to Biden and described him as a murderer, when he told him that you have the same quality that you describe me.

On Thursday, the White House made it clear that Biden was not sorry for his comments against Putin, but indicated that the United States remained optimistic about the possibility of working with Russia in areas of common interests.

White House press secretary Jane Saki indicated to reporters the cooperation on extending the new START agreement with Russia, and the fact that Russia was an original party to the Iranian nuclear agreement «Presidents Biden and Putin certainly have different views about their countries, and how to deal with the countries of the world, but we have to. Continue to work together in the areas that they agree upon ».

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Saki added, “We are confident that we can continue to search for ways in which there are common interests between us, but the president will not back down when he has concerns about anything, whether in words or in action.”

Daniel Fried, an expert on international affairs from the American think tank Atlantic Council, and a former American diplomat said: Although he can say it differently, what Biden said is true, referring to figures in the Russian opposition such as Alexei Navalny, who were targeted, in addition to Russian invasion of Crimea.

Fried added, “I do not sympathize with the expressions of the alleged Russian anger, and I have a lot of sympathy for President Biden, who spoke about his opinion, and he stresses that we must call things by their names.”

Biden’s approach to Putin is an attempt to show how different he is from his successor, former President Donald Trump, who did not make harsh words against Russia for its interference in the US elections.

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“This means that the tenor of relations has changed, and that we no longer talk kindly about Putin and the Kremlin anymore, and we will not overlook what they are doing,” said Evelyn Farkas, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia in the administration of former President Barack Obama.

“Now the Russians have to decide whether they want to improve their relationship with the United States, because they have to stop the things they do,” Varcas added.

Biden said, in an interview with the ABC news station, last Wednesday, that Putin will “pay the price” for his interference in the 2020 elections, noting that the report disclosed by the US intelligence services, which states that Putin requested an operation aimed at Harm Biden’s nomination and Trump’s aid.

President Biden expanded the sanctions against Moscow because it used banned chemical weapons to poison opponent Navalny, who is currently in prison.

The US administration has banned the export of highly advanced technical components to Russia, and it has blacklisted Russian officials, in addition to companies and entities involved in the production of biological materials.

Biden increased the severity of his cruelty, during the interview against Russia, when asked whether Putin was a murderer, he replied in the affirmative.

After that, Russia recalled its ambassador to the United States, and the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, told reporters that Biden’s comments were “a very bad statement.”

He indicated that he “definitely does not intend to improve relations” between the United States and Russia.

Professor Simon Miles, a professor at Duke University and an expert on Russia and the Soviet Union, described the Kremlin’s decision to summon the Russian ambassador as a “important step”, and something that had not happened in two decades.

For her part, Professor Angela Stunt of Georgetown University, an expert in Russian affairs, expected that these developments would have “bad effects” on Russian-American relations in the short term.

But she expected that the two sides could work together in areas such as climate change and limiting nuclear weapons, even if their main relationship was hostile, noting that the two countries found ways to work with each other during the Cold War.

“I think there will be areas in which you will work together, but I think they will be limited, and the general atmosphere between the two countries may be very tense,” Stint said.

And soon, the United States is expected to respond to Russia’s interference in the American elections, in addition to Moscow’s involvement in penetrating the network of the company known as “Solar Wind”, which works in the field of informatics.

Saki did not provide an accurate schedule, or details of how the US would respond on Thursday, but indicated that it would be within “weeks, not months.”

“Some of these responses can be seen, but others will not be visible,” she added.

Of course, the president reserves the right to respond at the time and method he chooses. He made it clear that the Russian government “will pay the price.”

The administration is under pressure from the Republicans to impose sanctions on Russia over the gas pipelines known as “Nord Stream 2”, which passes through the Baltic Sea towards Germany, which are believed to be 90 to 95% complete.

The foreign minister confirmed the administration’s opposition to the project as a step by Russia “to divide Europe and weaken European energy security,” but he did not announce new punitive measures.

So far, the Russian ship “Fortuna”, which is working to lay Russian pipelines, is facing US sanctions, which were imposed by the Trump administration, during his last day in power.

The continued Russian occupation of the Ukrainian Crimean peninsula is an area of ​​confrontation between Russia and the Biden administration, which issued a joint statement last Thursday with the members of the Group of Seven condemning the “illegal and illegal annexation”, on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of Russia’s seizure of Crimea.

The former US ambassador to Russia, Thomas Bruckering, who worked for four decades at the State Department, said that the current tension in relations between Moscow and Washington has led to a “deterioration” of the relationship between the two countries.

He added that the current sanctions policy is troublesome for the Russians, and it is also unlikely to help change their behavior.

“The Russians have been resisting for many years in the face of this kind of pressure, and it is unlikely, in light of what we are seeing going on now, that it will lead to a major change in their policies,” Bakring said.

Indira Cannell, Senior Expert and Program Director, said

“Transatlantic”, in the “New American Security Center”, said that sanctions alone will not affect the Russians, but he indicated that they could be part of a comprehensive strategy that the Biden administration is developing in coordination with the allies. “I think the Biden administration will make sanctions a tool within a coherent and strong approach against Russia,” he said.

• The administration has sought to strongly criticize Russia for its bad behavior at the highest levels of its government, which is considered a departure from the policy of former President Donald Trump, who used to talk friendlyly about Putin.

Morgan Chalfant – American journalist.

Laura Kelly – American politician, has been ruling Kansas since 2019.

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