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Biden was grilled out of chaos on the southern border – denied blame for the influx of migrants: “Conditions must be terrible” – Abroad

Most of the questions raised at President Biden’s first press conference addressed the situation at the U.S. southern border.

President of the United States Joe Biden held its first briefing after its inauguration in January. Biden opened the event by saying he would double the U.S. vaccine target. Most of the journalists’ questions concerned the situation at the southern border of the United States.

There are more arrivals in the United States than during the 2019 migration crisis. In February alone, more than 100,000 of them were converted or deported.

According to Biden, the figures were affected by annual variation.

– There will be a significant increase in the number of people coming to the border during the winter months in January, February and March. It happens every year, Biden said.

Biden first encountered the media at a press conference after taking office at the end of January.­

A reporter at the briefing said he had interviewed the mother of a boy who had arrived at the border alone, who said he had sent the boy from Honduras to the United States because Biden was a “good guy”.

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Biden denied being guilty of the wave of migrants and stated that no parent would send their child on a long journey for fun.

– What a desperate act. The conditions must be terrible, the president said, saying the U.S. is supporting migrants ’homelands so there is no reason for people to leave.

However, Biden said most of those arriving at the border will be turned back. The only exceptions are children coming alone and some families who have not been taken back by Mexico.

The president has been criticized for not turning children who come alone, and Republicans in particular have argued that it encourages people to seek the United States. Democrats, on the other hand, have been criticized for how harsh conditions some of the children have to be. For example, the “cages” built during the previous administrations, ie the temporary accommodation separated by a net fence, have not been eliminated and there have not been enough beds.

Migrants have been isolated in various “rooms” with plastic cloths in temporary accommodation in Donna, Texas. There has been a shortage of beds at the border, but Biden says the matter is being rectified.­

CNNAccording to the United States, there are more than 16,000 unaccompanied children in government homes. Of these, 4,800 are in temporary accommodation at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

While under federal law children alone are allowed to stay in temporary accommodation for up to 72 hours, last Sunday as many as 800 children had been there for more than 10 days.

– It is completely unacceptable, Biden said of the current circumstances of the children.

Journalists were only admitted last Wednesday to one border post with single-arrived migrants. Reporters have not been allowed into other facilities where children are held. The President was asked whether this was a commitment to transparency. Biden responded in the affirmative, but suggested that reporters would not be allowed to look at the accommodations until the child reception system became operational.

– I don’t know, exactly, Biden answered the question about the schedule.

Immigrants deported from the United States walking to Mexico. According to Biden, families and adult immigrants will be turned away.­

In addition to immigration, Biden was also asked about China, North Korea, climate change mitigation and arms control, among others.

Biden said he was not looking for a confrontation with China, but was expecting fair competition between the two countries. Biden also noted that the United States, along with its allies, would hold China accountable for its actions in treating countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Uighur minority.

“As long as you and your country are blatantly violating human rights, we will tirelessly ask the world’s attention and make it clear what is happening,” Biden said. Xi Jingpingille.

With regard to North Korea, Biden said he would be ready for diplomacy if it were ultimately aimed at nuclear disarmament.

Biden said he will also focus on his other election promises and their implementation. However, the President noted that the coronavirus epidemic had so far been high on the agenda.

– I have been hired to solve problems, Biden repeated a couple of times.

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