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Biden criticizes change to electoral law in Georgia

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                In the United States, changes to electoral laws in Georgia continue to be controversial.  A new demonstration took place this Saturday, March 27 in Atlanta while Joe Biden speaks of a " <em>atrocity </em>»And an infringement of the right to vote.

                                    <p><em>With our correspondent in New York, </em><strong>Loubna Anaki</strong>

Once again, dozens of protesters gathered outside the Georgia State Capitol. The governor of this South American state signed this Thursday the new electoral law, a text which limits the vote.

For Republicans, it is about responding to the issues that have marked the presidential election. But for the Democrats, the text aims above all to limit access to the vote for minorities and in particular blacks, whose voting in numbers has notably enabled Joe Biden to win this traditionally republican state.

« It’s an atrocity »

The American president has also strongly denounced the new measure: ” It is an atrocity. It has nothing to do with any justice. This law prohibits in particular distributing water to people who queue to vote! This alone is proof that it is just about punishing and preventing people from voting! »

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For his part, Donald Trump, the predecessor of Joe Biden, addressed his “ congratulations to Georgia In a press release. ” They learned the lessons from this presidential election masquerade in 2020 “, He added, concluding:” Too bad these changes did not come sooner ! »

The text also limits postal voting. The president called on Congress to pass a law to block the one passed in Georgia. ” Let the people vote “, did he declare.

But given the very limited Democratic majority in Congress, Senate reform may be needed. The idea of ​​such a project is already controversial even before being considered. This is to say if the procedure is likely to be very complicated.

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