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Biden and his commitment to democracy

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For the Washington Post, Joe Biden succeeded in communicating, during his first press conference, his two political priorities: investment in infrastructure and the fight against the pandemic. Gun control and the immigration issue therefore come second, according to the Washington Post. The newspaper also points to the president’s fervent commitment to democracy. “ Your children and grandchildren will do their thesis on autocracy and democracy to say which has won », He declared, before continuing : we have to make democracy work. The problem, writes the Washington Post, it is that the United States itself is a battleground for democracy. The proof, according to the newspaper, the attempts of the Republicans to limit the access to the polling stations in certain States where they control the capacity, as in Georgia for example. An initiative that Joe Biden described, during his press conference, contrary to American values.

The issue of migrants on the US-Mexico border

But the bulk of the questions have revolved around what Republicans and much of the media describe as “ crisis » on the border with Mexico. These include the fate of the over 15 000 minor migrants for which the American authorities are responsible. And also the question of returning migrant families to Mexico. According to Joe Biden, the neighboring country refuses to welcome those who have crossed the border illegally to the United States. Words that make the front page of the Mexican press, like Millennium. But according to another Mexican newspaper, Reform, hundreds of Central American migrant families have been returned to Ciudad Juarez for a week. The columnist believes that this referral violates fundamental rights because migrants do not have the opportunity to seek asylum.

200 000 Mexicans died of Covid-19

Another subject also makes the headlines of the Mexican press, it is the people who died of Covid-19. Mexico has reached the threshold of 200 000 dead. According to the newspaper The Sun of Mexico, the capital of the country alone concentrates 20% of deaths linked to Covid-19. This situation leads the health authorities to change their strategy : from now on, the capital Mexico City and its agglomerations become a priority of the vaccination campaign. It is to be read in the newspaper The financial.

The Brazilian variant worries the countries of the region

In Peru, the authorities are sounding the alarm bells against the Brazilian variant P1 which continues to spread. This mutation of the particularly contagious coronavirus is already responsible for 40% of new infections in the capital Lima, writes Trade. The newspaper recalls that the two countries, which have suspended airlines since last January, share a border of 2 800 kilometers in the Amazon.

In Brazil, funeral directors now work at night

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The country broke a new record with more than 100 000 infections in 24 hours. The number of people who died, more than 2 500 a day, forces funeral directors to extend working hours. Since yesterday Thursday, the burials in 4 of the 22 cemeteries of São Paulo can be done until 10 p.m., according to Folha de S. Paulo.

How do Brazilian doctors experience this tragedy ?

Very badly, according to a report from Washington Post. Doctors are forced to make painful choices : one bed for 15 patients on the waiting list. When the ambulances call, the hospital – in this case a clinic in Florianopolis is forced to turn down most applicants for a place in an intensive care unit. “ It’s horrible to make such a choice, to choose between those who have a chance to live and those who will probably die », Explains doctor Lara Kretzer to Washington Post, before continuing : « I take those who have the best chance of surviving “. And when the journalist asks him : « it affects you psychically ? “, she answers : « surely, but I don’t know yet how much ».

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