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between resignation and adaptation, Lyon is trying to cope with the “3rd wave” of the coronavirus

In Lyon, a few hours from the entry into force of the 3rd confinement, traders and residents say they are resigned and with a heavy heart. Atmosphere in the streets, shops and businesses that will close again for a month.

A deep injustice“: in Lyon, many traders showed their incomprehension and their weariness in the face of a new closure imposed from Friday evening March 26 to so-called non-essential establishments in the Rhône, where indicators on the virus have become worrying again.

A 10 km bubble, no more

From midnight and for 4 weeks, Rhone residents will no longer be able to move more than 10 km from their home or travel to another region, except for compelling or professional reasons. And businesses deemed “non-essential” have to close again. In the meantime, they were always full on Friday and long queues formed in front of the major ready-to-wear or beauty products.

This morning, on the eve of these 4 new weeks of abstinence, there was in the streets of Lyon a sudden urge to fill your dressing room. On site we meet a woman who comes to do some shopping: “I don’t miss anything, but it’s for fun. I said to myself, I’m going for my last little walk today, and some shopping.

We had purchases to do for birthdays and meetings to do normally this weekend“says a man.”We anticipate, wishing to be released as soon as possible.”

Heavy heart

Daniel Jeannerot, 64, will have the “heavy heart“when it comes time to lower the curtains of her little upscale clothing store, located in a shopping street near Place Bellecour.”I find there is a deep injustice“blows this independent who after 40 years of career now has”the lump in the stomach“when he talks about the future of his business. Like, according to him, other traders in his street.”Hairdressers (editor’s note: which remain open), we stay there two hours and we, who do our work with the masks, the gel, the disinfected textile, we are penalized“, deplores the sixty-year-old who, after losing 30% of turnover last year, fears at this rate of”give the keys to the commercial court“.  “I have already bought my next winter, summer has come. We sail by sight“, adds Mr. Jeannerot, referring to his new collections which he will try to sell in click & collect.”But it is not viable in the long term“, concludes the trader.

For one of his loyal customers, Jean-Pierre Sollier, 80, who lives in the neighborhood “always“, the new restrictions affecting its supplier are”a waltz-hesitation“, “a big blur“to which”We do not understand anything“.  “Here, we are well advised, well guided. There is another service than in the chains where you enter, you choose and you go to checkout“, underlines the retiree who was to take advantage of his day to find friends near Lyon.

A form of despair

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Clément Chevalier, the director of “My Presqu’Île”, gives a grim assessment of the situation. “There, we start again with a complete stop of the activity for the great majority of them. Knowing that the November containment was very difficult economically to collect, there, for the treasuries, for the expenses of the traders, it is once again very bad news.“, he emphasizes.”We arrived a little at the end, in a weariness, a form of despair“in front of the health policy, he adds but”we will try again to take the shock and leave in April“.

The boats still remain at the quayside

The company “Les Bateaux Lyonnais” usually organizes cruises for passing tourists. After a winter at the dock already, the trips on the water should resume normally tomorrow. It is therefore postponed. For the operations manager Laurence Cerclier, there is “a lot of frustration, because we only want to restart. The beautiful days have arrived. All our teams were ready to welcome passengers. We feel a little cut wings. Of course, health security is more important. But we feel cut off in our tracks.

An influx of travelers at the station

A breath also awaited by other Lyonnais who from the start of the morning hurried on the forecourt of Part-Dieu station to escape the city. Time for a weekend for many. Among the flood of travelers, Camille Jeangrand, 28, leaving for “a little air” in Bourgogne. “Either way, there isn’t much to do except try to find some bubbles that do us a little bit of good to keep going. Because it’s a little subway, work, sleep“, estimates the young Lyonnaise.

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Not far from her, Florence Herubel, 46, carries her young son Antoine to see his father in Normandy modestly justifying a “compelling family motive“. “We undergo and we adapt, there is not much to choose from anyway“, she declares. She nevertheless hopes for a rapid improvement of the situation with a vaccination coverage”which has its effect“and so that”hospitals are cleared.

The government’s decision on Thursday was “expected“for Marcel Gallard, 68, who leaves with his wife to confine themselves with their children in Germany.”We will do with it, since we move … we have children abroad, so we will adapt“.

In addition to the Rhône, Aube and Nièvre join the list of 16 other departments subject to extended restrictions since last week.

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