Thursday, April 1, 2021
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Berg expects construction boom – releases several residential plots

420 people moved to Bergs municipality in 2020. The municipality notices this in the housing market, somewhat SVT News reported on earlier.

To meet the increased interest in settling in the municipality, the municipality is now releasing 21 residential plots in Åsarna, Rätan, Storsjö, Ljungdalen, Svenstavik and Oviken, among others. Additional plots will be released in the fall.

Want to get private landowners to hook on

At the same time as the municipality releases plots, private landowners are encouraged to do the same.

– The majority of the municipal plots are adjacent to existing residential areas, but we also see a need for more independent plots that enable more space and conditions for, for example, cultivation, says Jone Johnsson, housing developer Bergs municipality, according to a press release.

In the clip, the returnee Emil Sergel tells about his move and what can make more people move to Bergs municipality.

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Emil Sergel returned to Hackås after decades elsewhere. It was the situation that did it, he says. Photo: Emma Höglund, SVT

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