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Belarusians in Lithuania show solidarity with Lukashenko opponents

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                Belarusians from Vilnius marched Thursday, March 25 in the Lithuanian capital to commemorate Freedom Day.  This day, which commemorates the creation of an independent state in 1918, is prohibited in Belarus by the power of Lukashenko.  Marked by bloody repressions of all forms of opposition, Belarusians wanted to show their solidarity and instill new hope for change.  Report.

                                    <p><em>With our correspondent in Vilnius, </em> <strong>Marielle Vitureau</strong>

A huge red and white flag and a slogan, “ Long live Belarus “. This is what the Belarusians carried and shouted for several kilometers, from the center of Vilnius to the Belarusian embassy.

Valeria holds one end of the flag. “ I’m very happy to be here, I can finally demonstrate and no one is going to come and stop me, she says. So we support those who remained in Belarus and who want to change things. We show them that we are with them, there are so many of us. »

At the head of the procession, the opponent Svetlana Tikhanovskaïa who found refuge in Lithuania. Ilona appreciates all of her initiatives. ” Voting for international mediation shows that there is not just 3%, but a significant part of the population who totally disagree with what is happening in the country “, she says.

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Igar fled to Vilnius with his family in October. He does not lose hope. “It has gone on too long. Every day there are still people who suffer from being imprisoned, he asserts. We must keep up the pressure and impose sanctions on all those responsible for the terror in our country. »

With the spring, the anti-Lukashenko demonstrations should resume, with one objective: a new poll in September.

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