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Belarus was thrown out of this year’s Eurovision – the song would have jeopardized the reputation of the competition – Entertainment

According to the EBU, even a new bidder does not fit into the Eurovision rules.

The song offered by Belarus is not eligible for Eurovision. The reason is that the text of the paragraph is political. The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) announced last night that it had excluded Belarus from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

In mid-March, the EBU asked Belarus to change the song it offered to Eurovision or to send a completely new song. The EBU considered that the Belarusian song jeopardized the non-political nature of Eurovision and the reputation of Eurovision.

According to the EBU, the new song does not fit into the rules of Eurovision.

– The EBU and the Competition Government have carefully reviewed the new paragraph to determine its eligibility for the competition, the press release states.

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The Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled to take place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in May.

Pictured is the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam, where visas are to be arranged. Photo from March 2020.­

Belarus is wondering what points were broken

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Belarus has been upset by the EBU’s decision. Chairman of the country’s broadcaster BTRC Ivan Eismant commented on the decision to a Russian news agency RIA Novostille and criticizes the political reasons behind the decision. According to the representative, it is not possible to understand from the EBU’s letter what the EBU thought was wrong with the paragraph.

– We received a letter from which we can only understand that some points have been violated. But which words in the song broke them – there is no information about that.

The lead character of the songwriting group Galasy ZMesta, on the other hand, does not find the EBU’s decision a surprise, RIA Novosti news. According to him, the new song sang about a hare, a fox and chickens and its idea is obvious.

Songs by the same band

Helsingin Sanomat according to both discarded songs are specifically from the band Galasy ZMesta. The band has released songs criticizing the country’s authoritarian leader, according to the magazine Alexander Lukashenko protests.

Iltalehti according to many Belarusians have commented that the people did not choose the original song and that the song is shameful. Belarus did not have a public vote on the visa representative or song at all, but the BTRC announced that Galasy ZMesta represents the country in Rotterdam.

The name of the first candidate song in Belarus was Ja Nautshu Tebja in Finnish I will teach you. The song sang, among other things, “I’ll teach you to obey.”

In August, giant protests broke out in Belarus over the presidential election. The election was fraudulent, according to the opposition and the West. The Lukashenko regime severely suppressed weeks of protests. Several protesters were killed, thousands were arrested and hundreds have been sentenced to prison terms.

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