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Behind the scenes of the Lost in the Footsteps series, such nasty things happened that they could not be shown on TV – Ellen Jokikunnas reveals what a program really is like – TV & movies

Ellen Jokikunnas, as the host of several reality TV programs, knows that not everything always goes according to plan and the script must therefore sometimes be thrown into a corner. When emotions take over, we live in an instant.

Ellen Jokikunnas has hosted reality TV shows for years and seen how different formats are designed and scripted, and how it appears in the series itself.

According to the river In the footsteps of the lost series is a great example of how plans may need to be changed numerous times in the middle of filming. Jokikunnas has been hosting the series since 2018.

The series searches for missing relatives of Finns around the world, and it is not necessarily known in advance where the trip will take place or what will happen during it. Sometimes, along the way, such nasty surprises are revealed that they cause a person looking for loved ones to collapse completely. Then all plans are rejected and the situation proceeds on the terms of the protagonist.

– It’s about people’s lives and real coping. There have often been such tough points that overtime has been taken and the plan completely changed. When the protagonist faints at my feet, I have to live in that moment, Jokikunnas says.

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Sometimes the events and the emotions they cause have been so great that Jokikunnas has also become sensitive.

– I have many times had time to tear with the protagonists. You can keep yourself together until a certain point, but if the other is in pieces in your hands, you will not be able to detach yourself from that situation.

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Ellen Jokikunnas has encountered great emotions in the descriptions of the series In the Footsteps of the Lost and lived them together with the main characters.­

One ripping situation happened during the last season of the series, when relatives of the protagonist were found in southern Italy. Jokikunnas tried to persuade them to meet the main character, who had traveled from Finland, but the negotiations totally thwarted. The family eventually did not want to meet at all and all plans had to be canceled.

– It was really crushing for me, too. Both hear it and pass the information on to the protagonist. That own disappointment and another person’s grief cannot be scripted.

Changes in plans may greatly affect the outcome of the program. As situations change, one may suddenly travel to quite another country, and sometimes the search for a relative is more like a wall.

Jokikunnas has also acted as a screenwriter on the Footsteps of the Lost filming trips. In addition, there is an instructor with whom he makes new plans if necessary, even in the middle of the night.

– There we then sat on the edge of the bed, shaking our heads and thinking about what to do now. Not everything in life goes according to plan and the same goes for TV series.

In each production season, situations have also come so difficult and inconsolable that they have not ended up on television at all. About half of the stories in the river never end up in front of viewers, as their end is far from happy.

– People want to see stories with a happy ending. Programs in the unfortunate end are not shown because they don’t serve anyone, he says.

Jokikunnas will be seen as a presenter in the Farmi Finland program starting next week at Nelonen. In it, Jokikunnas plays a more traditional role as a presenter.­

The latest plot work in Jokikunta is starting next week Farmi Suomi series. According to him, its still life is very different from that in the Footsteps of the Lost series, as in it he is purely a presenter and mediator of the message. At Farm, Jokikunnas is backed by a large production team and screenwriters who create the framework for the program and from which he plays his part as presenter.

However, in the competitions and farm jobs seen in the program, all content depends on the participants. They get to decide for themselves who does what and how. According to Jokikunnas, that is what creates interesting entertainment.

– Production is not interfering with anything. If participants build something all the way to the pine, no one will tell them that hey that’s going wrong now. It brings out surprising aspects of people.

– What is fascinating about the program is that the interesting protagonists define everything that happens in it.

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