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behind the scenes of an Alsatian chocolate factory


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France 2

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C.De la Guérivière, V.Bouffartigue, S.Testor, E.Korenfeld

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France 2

France Televisions

A few days before Easter, the France Télévisions teams are interested in the star of the season: chocolate. In Alsace, a creative chocolate maker has abandoned the traditional rabbits and chickens for more trendy creatures: unicorns.
This year for Easter, the star of the children is not the hen or the bunny, but the chocolate unicorn. To land on the shelves of a supermarket in Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin), the unicorn did not have to gallop for very long. She comes from an Alsatian village, and her chocolate factory is a true paradise for gourmets. At the bottom of the mold, the eyes are placed by hand, then a machine injects the right dose of chocolate. The molds then rotate in a centrifuge to distribute the chocolate on the walls and create a hollow in the center.

300,000 unicorns were made for Easter. A total of 80 million chocolate pieces are produced each year. About a hundred employees are there to coordinate everything. But behind the scenes, the 2021 unicorn is already history. The teams are working on the next collection, with new characters and new recipes to develop and validate. And there is something for all tastes and all countries, because a quarter of the production is exported abroad.

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