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Home World "Before the confinement of March there were nine variants in Spain"
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“Before the confinement of March there were nine variants in Spain”

From Fisabio, the only Spanish center that exclusively sequenced SARS-Cov-2 for one year, 70% of its sequences are generated in our country.

Fernando Gonzlez and Iaki Comas.

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    Last hour of the coronavirus in Spain

  • Health.

    Trials on children with Covid vaccines take off: Will you target your child?

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In research, reproducibility is important, that any laboratory can repeat in its own what another does. This requires apparatus, staff and time. And even if you have everything, things don’t go the first time. Developing a technique can take up to a year. COVID-19 came with this problem. Fortunately, about five years ago we figured out how to sequence genetic material quickly and cheaply. Without that, the variants of the virus would make it very difficult for us in most cases.

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