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beaten by Scotland (23-27), the Blues end the Tournament on a disappointment

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                The French lost Friday (23-27) at the Stade de France against Scotland after a disappointing match.  They finish second in the final standings of the Six Nations Tournament behind Wales.

                                    <p>The captain of the Scottish rugby team Stuart Hogg did not hide his annoyance before the match between France and Scotland played on Friday March 26 at the Stade de France.  He did not appreciate that the French only talk about their chances of winning the Six Nations Tournament, in the event of a large victory against his team, a calculation disrespectful in his eyes.  And he largely contributed to demonstrate that the Scottish XV, winner 27 to 20, deserved to be respected.

The Scots have indeed largely dominated the first 25 of this meeting played in the pouring rain. Much more aggressive, they cornered the Blues in their camp and scored a try in the 12th minute, then leading 7 to 3 against the borrowed Blues.

The French relied on their pack of forwards to gain confidence, the pack gradually gaining the upper hand in closed scrum. They camped for long minutes within 22 meters of the Scots who multiplied defensive faults. In the 32nd minute, rear Brice Dulin finally managed to cross the test line.

With the transformation of Romain Ntamack, who had already passed two penalties, the XV of France led 13-10 at halftime. He could even have returned to the locker room with a larger lead if the Scots, reduced to 14 after Hogg’s temporary expulsion, had not stolen a valuable ball for the French in the 40th minute.

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Scottish victory at the last minute

In numerical superiority at the resumption of the match, the Blues were much more enterprising and scored a splendid try in the 46th minute on a revival started in their camp concluded by Damian Penaud.

They then have time to try to score two more tries which would allow them to obtain an essential offensive bonus point to hope to win the Tournament. But the Scots, very determined, did not give up and regained control of the ball, managing to register a second try and regain the score 20 to 18.

“We’re going to do it,” French captain Charles Ollivon told his teammates. It was heard as the Blues managed to get back into the opposing side and score a try by Swann Rebbadj in the 65th minute.

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The last quarter of an hour was not enough for the Blues to complete their difficult mission. They even cracked at the end of the game against the courage of the Scots who managed to register the test for victory at the very last minute. After beating England at Twickenham on the first day of this competition, they ended their European campaign with a new achievement.


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