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Bare bare and nostalgia legs! We listed 5 things you should know about spring fashion – Style

Spring fashion can reveal anything like diaphragm, shirt hem or casual attitude. Whatever you present, present it with pride.

This spring, fashion shows layering, skin flashes, flowing legs, belt work and new rules.

These five things about spring fashion are now worth knowing.

1. Flashing hem

In fashion, again, it feels like a cunning ingenuity that materializes as a flexible combination. Here’s one idea worth trying out, for example: leave the long shirt from the waist unbuttoned and put on a slightly shorter jacket. A simple idea, but the end result is fresh and fun angular.

The combination of shirt, blazer and jeans can be anything but boring.­

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1. Button the top buttons as well, and you’ll get a smooth bodice in style, € 29.99, Mango. 2. The viscose dress has enough hem under a slightly longer jacket, € 179, Samsøe & Samsøe. 3. The single-row jacket is narrower than the double-row open, € 79.99, Mango.­

2. Peel bare

Ysär trends now go through revealing diaphragmatic skin. A little slice is enough, but if you’re encouraged, you can test midriff flossing (yes, the term really does exist), i.e. waist packing with ribbons coming out of a short shirt.

The high waist and large blazer balance the sparse top.­

1. The collared shirt could be worn open, € 29.99, Mango. 2. Bralette top combined with a high-waisted skirt, € 19.99, Lee x H&M. 3. Top knit knit, € 9.95, Zara.­

3. Relaxation visible

In the home of the Corona period, relaxation and practicality became the rules of dress. Awesome values ​​that just can’t be left on your doorstep, even if you go beyond trash. Robbery button, legs in the morning, shirt with sweatpants … Let the lights and clothes serve you!

Now I’m interested in genuine looks that don’t stiffen unnecessarily. Just relaxed!­

1. Wear increases the charisma of the jeans, € 49.99, Lee x H&M 2. The linen collared shirt only gets better when wrinkled, € 129.90, Gant. 3. The striped shirt is nice under a shirt or dress, € 15.95, Zara.­

4. Nostalgia legs

This is where the longing for bootcut legs begins. Yes, they look good again: the perfect combination of flattering polarity and a leg-lengthening, ground-touching trumpet gift.

When the sludge melts, the legs are allowed to chamfer spring streets.­

1. Knitted trousers can replace sweatpants, € 39.99, Bik Bok. 2. Jeans presses add a prolonging effect, € 139.90, Tommy Hilfiger. 3. Slits in the legs are a modern addition to the trend, € 49.99, Mango.­

5. Assembled

When minimalism saturates, dressing can be treated like a puzzle building. The corset and belt act as the final pieces of the game, making the style complete.

Classic accessories are still relevant for years to come.­

1. The knitting top can even be worn over a t-shirt, € 25.99, Bik Bok. 2. Belt bags are still in, € 69, COS. 3. The waist belt works best a couple of inches wide, € 19.95, Zara.­

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