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Barcelona performs a test concert with an audience of 5,000 people tested for Covid-19

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                5,000 people attended a concert in Barcelona as part of a test concert in collaboration with health and scientific authorities on Saturday 27 March.  All without a safety distance in order to prove that cultural places can be safe places if certain measures are respected in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

                                    <p><span><span><span><em><span><span>With our correspondent in Barcelona, </span></span></em><span><span><strong>Elise gazengel</strong></span></span></span></span></span>

It was an emotion they hadn’t experienced in a year : Saturday March 28 evening in Barcelona, ​​5 000 people attended a concert standing without a safe distance. All wore a mask inside and had performed an antigen test a few hours earlier.

These preparations finally reassured Talia : « Along the way, I was in doubt as to how it would turn out. But here we are, the people are great and I don’t care, because, in the end, we’re all negative and that’s great ! »

On stage, the Spanish group Love of Lesbian is responsible for reconnecting with a conquered audience. Behind the scenes, the scientists, local authorities and actors of the musical world, who organized the concert, hope that it will be useful for the future.

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« I am convinced that everything will be fine and I hope that many colleagues festivals and performance venues will be able to use this scientific base and our knowledge », Explains Alberto Guijarro, co-director of the Primavera Sound festival.

The concert baptized “ Festival for a Safe Culture Was unique and this Saturday, everyone wished they could relive the experience soon.

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