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Banks raise commissions: How much do they charge you? What are the most expensive? Can you avoid them?

Monday, March 29, 2021 – 01:30

In this episode we analyze what fees customers pay for their bank accounts and whether or not it is possible to avoid them. We also talk about IAG and the tourism sector on the stock market, is it time to invest in it?

  • Episode 16.

    The Mortgage Battle: Fixed or Variable Rate?

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    Episode 15.

    What reforms does Spain need to face the recovery?

Where to listen to us?

All episodes of ‘The clear accounts’ are on the OmnyStudio website. You can also listen to them on Spotify, Apple and Ivoox.

What fees do banks charge? How much can clients pay? Which banks have the highest fees? Do customers have options or alternatives to pay less fees to their bank or even not to pay them? With the credit business depleted by the coronavirus crisis and with interest rates on the ground, banks have opted for commissions as a way of business and in this episode of The Clear Accounts We analyze their strategies and how that affects consumers.

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We also talk about the relay of Bankia for Fluidra in the Ibex 35 and we focus on the behavior of the tourism sector on the stock market. The companies in this sector had started the year with some optimism given the forecasts that the vaccines would reactivate the trips, but the vaccination campaigns and the infections have worsened and investors are doubting again. Is it interesting to bet on this sector? What about IAG?

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