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Banana sticker reveals assassination – the victim who fell for the knife’s attacks never heard the gruesome truth about his son – Tampere region

A 20-year-old boy ordered a man from Jyväskylä to murder his father. Both are sentenced to life imprisonment.

Criminal often makes one small mistake that turns out to be crucial to getting caught.

Convicted by the Pirkanmaa District Court from assassination to life imprisonment Mika Markus Aleksi Hytönen, 20, the mistake was oblivion. After the bloodshed, Hytönen left the victim’s apartment – and immediately realized that the ball gun he was using was locked behind a locked door.

The door no longer opened. The bloodthirsty Hytönen had to leave for his escape from Tampere without air.

Hytönen from Jyväskylä was able to travel to his hometown, but the police soon followed him. Thanks to a ball gun that was in a plastic bag where Hytönen had only slightly stored his cookie, a banana.

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Hytönen had bought a banana the night before before leaving for Mestarin Herkus in Tampere. A weighing sticker was affixed to the plastic bag, revealing the date of purchase, weight and price of the banana purchased.

Master Delicacy was told that seven bananas of the same price had been purchased from the store that day, January 27th. Surveillance cameras revealed that only one in seven had packed the banana in a plastic bag and affixed a weighing sticker to it.

Police had tracked down the suspect. Through a banana, a very exceptional assassination in Finnish conditions finally came to an end, in which the victim’s son offered the perpetrator 10,000 euros to kill his father.

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Pirkanmaa the district court considered the principal, the son of the victim, Aatu Viljami Halonen, 21, to instigate the murder. Halonen was also sentenced to life imprisonment.

Those convicted of assassination did not know each other before. They contacted them through the Tor network. Hytönen, who has long fantasized about committing a homicide, is looking for a customer online for himself.

Halonen grabbed the offer. No clear motive was found for the incitement, but the investigation revealed the bitterness Halonen had felt towards her father since childhood.

Hytönen understood that the motive for the assignment was financial. Halonen said that her father intended to marry her female friend. Marriage might have meant a redistribution of inheritance. Halonen’s father was a wealthy entrepreneur.

The murder took place early in the morning after Hytönen arrived at Halonen’s father’s apartment. The blood work of Hytönen, who got inside with an excuse and threatened the victim with a ball gun, did not succeed as planned, as the large victim managed to free himself from the cable ties and fight against him.

During the preliminary investigation, Hytönen recounted his conversations with the victim during the act, which lasted about 20 minutes. At no point in the morning did Hytönen tell the surprised victim of his home the reasons why he had arrived.

Hytönen hit the victim 40 times with a long-edged knife around his body. The victim died of blood loss due to surgery of the carotid artery and jugular veins.

The court delivered its interim judgment in the case in June last year. Respondents were assigned to a state of mind survey in which both were found guilty.

Judgment is not yet final. From the beginning, Halonen has denied involvement in her father’s murder. He is going to be his assistant Tomi Borgenströmin appeal against his judgment.

Hytönen’s assistant Minna Pilviö says a decision on a possible appeal has not yet been made.

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