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Banal raiding – RT in Russian

Yulia Vityazeva

Journalist, publicist

I would never have thought that I would have to act as Medvedchuk’s lawyer, but the situation in Ukraine around his person is so textbook that it is simply impossible to pass by.

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The Administrative Court of Cassation within the Supreme Court of Ukraine opened proceedings on the claim of the chairman of the political council of the Ukrainian …

So, seven years after the beginning of a new era in Ukrainian history, marked by the “Maidan”, the victory of the “revolution of dignity”, a coup d’etat, the loss of Crimea and the civil war in Donbass, the authorities of this country have finally decided on who else, besides Putin, “threatens »Territorial integrity of Independent. It was Medvedchuk who turned out to be this terrible person. But not because he is Putin’s godfather, but because he has assets in his property, the expropriation of which will help not only fill the pockets of officials who have been gnawing at the state feeder, which have become pretty impoverished during the coronavirus epidemic, but will also help to support the leaky budget for some time. which is in a very deplorable state due to the refusal of the IMF to provide another loan.

But since the most democratic and free country in Europe cannot openly declare its motivation, we have to use a proven and absolutely win-win option. Namely, to declare Medvedchuk an “agent of the Kremlin”, who sleeps and sees to bite off part of the territories from Ukrainushka in order to transfer them as an eternal gift and use to the “aggressor country”.

Of course, the patriotic public accepts such argumentation with a bang, and the opinion of all the others has long ceased to bother the authorities.

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But there is a nuance. The fact is that if Medvedchuk really wanted to encroach on the territorial integrity of Ukraine, he would have done it already, moreover, back in 2014. Then, in the first days after the seizure of power by the Maidanites, the influential “regionals” who did not rush after Yanukovych had a unique chance to do in the southeast of the country what the Crimeans did. Namely, having connected all their administrative and financial resources, put checkpoints on the borders of the regions that supported the Party of Regions, organize people’s self-defense and squads and in all possible ways support the population, which did not accept the coup and was ready at that time to desperately resist. But alas. Then all those people for whom millions of votes were cast and who were obliged not only to represent, but also to protect the interests of their voters, decided that protecting their assets is much more important. Which ultimately ended badly. Especially for Odessa and Mariupol, where, less than three months after the coup, people were burned alive and shot in the streets on the air.

So what about an encroachment on territorial integrity, given that Medvedchuk’s party voices slogans, but at the same time is not so decisive in supporting the Russian-speaking population, not only in Donbass, but even in those regions of Ukraine where Russian is still spoken – very eloquently indicates that no one is going to alienate anything. There is a banal battle for the electorate with an eye on the next elections. And Zelensky’s office is well aware of this.

But it is impossible to simply take and openly declare that from now on the country has officially enshrined Sharikov’s strategy of taking away and dividing. Even though everyone already understands everything perfectly.

Therefore, they decided to wrap the banal raiding in a patriotic wrapper and turn it around under the slogans dear to the heart of every “patriot” about “aggression and aggressors”.

The fact that when (if) everything works out with Medvedchuk, then the next “enemy of the people” can be any of those who still own at least some profitable assets, it does not occur to anyone yet. But in vain. Because such a scheme for filling the budget and pockets is much easier to implement than the process of begging for another loan or reshaping the budget.

And in this case, Ukrainian oligarchs and successful entrepreneurs need to think hard. About what they will do when the SBU comes to their office with searches and, in front of the astonished employees, will announce that all of them, it turns out, are potential separatists and agents you know who.

Only then it will be too late to prove anything. Because the raider mechanism under the slogan of a personal fight against the threat to national security is almost impossible to stop. And with each passing day, the chances to somehow change the situation or at least slow it down are rapidly approaching zero.

The point of view of the author may not coincide with the position of the editorial board.

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