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At a young age, Mikael Forssell got a tip that started making money for boys – many of his teammates went bankrupt – Football

In addition to his playing career, Mikael Forssell spoke about his faith and money, among other things.

Former top soccer player Mikael Forssell said on Tuesday in an interview program run jointly by Ilta-Sanomat and the Sports Museum In the company of a star their gaming career, financial investments and faith.

Forssell’s relationship with God was born as a little boy.

– Life is ups and downs for all of us. For me, it (faith) left in a strange way. I trained (as a child in Helsinki) on the field next to St. John’s Church, and God was present. I always told Him my “plan”, dreams and goals – whether these were short-term or long-term, Forssell said. Antti Virolaisen in an interview.

The striker played in his top career in very demanding series and competitions, but the relationship upstairs was never forgotten.

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– Hand in hand has been walked with God. When I played football, I started each day by thanking for the opportunity. When it went badly, I asked for help and strength. We have a strong bond. I know He is present, Forssell said.

Finn played at the peak of his career abroad in Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Borussia Mönchengladbach and Birmingham, among others.

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Mikael Forssell turned 40 on March 15th. Picture a few days before the birthday.­

Success also rewarded financially. Forssell is a wealthy person who has invested his money in e.g. Apartments located in the center of Helsinki.

– When I started making money in my first year (1998 in Chelsea) in England, parents from home became instructed to invest money. Father and mother instructed to buy apartments. I have largely stayed on that path, Forssell told the Star club program.

Forssell’s financial investments have worked just as his ball investments worked on the pitch. Not everyone has been as lucky – or smart – since their top careers.

– It’s very easy to waste money. While completing my master’s degree in Madrid, I did a lot of research on how much e.g. Premier League players go bankrupt after their careers. The statistics are shocking. Up to half are bankrupt. With an average salary today of £ 50,000 to £ 60,000 per week, wondering how that is even possible.

The Finn is also assessing the reasons why some people’s property is dwindling in the pit of the kankula.

– For many, there will probably be a vacuum after a sports career, especially in England. There is gambling that gets some emotion. There are intoxicants, alcohol use, and divorces that get expensive. There are also terribly financial “advisors” in football who are scammers.

Forssell known as a very positive and well-behaved person. This he was also a guest of Antti Virolainen.

– It probably starts from a very good upbringing at home. My father and mother tried to raise me from an early age to how to meet other people, how to behave and respect others.

Ruthlessness is required on play and practice fields. Determined Forssell was able to do this, but he kept a splash on the grass. He doesn’t even hesitate to wonder if he could have achieved even more as a player if the injuries hadn’t slowed the pace early in his career.

He experienced his most stopping moments in 2003 due to his knee injuries.

– The knee injury had lasted about a year. The doctor said I have a 50-50 chance to come back as a player. He told my agent the darker percentages.

Everything turned out well and Forssell played for several years at the sharpest peak in the sport.

Mikael Forssell in the last season of his active career 2017 in a HIFK shirt.­

Today Forssell is the head coach of HJK’s A-youth. He wanted to find meaningful things to do after his career as a player and found himself enjoying coaching.

He is also currently completing the Uefan Pro coaching degree of the International Football Association.

The goals as a coach are as high as they were as a player.

– My dream is to be Chelsea’s head coach sometimes, Forssell said.

Mikael Forssell

Born: March 15, 1981

Former top footballer. Now as HJK’s A-youth coach.

Clubs with careers: HJK, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Mönchengladbach, Birmingham, Hanover, Leeds, Bochum and HIFK.

In the A national team 87 matches and 29 goals.

Family: Wife Metti Forssell and children Lilia and Lucas.

Other: Father Bengt Forssell played football in the Finnish main series. Big sister Christina Forssell played 70 A national matches in her career.

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