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at 48, Oscar De La Hoya announces his return to the ring

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                More than 12 years after his last professional fight, the American Oscar De La Hoya will resume his boxing career.  The "Golden Boy", who has just blown out his 48th birthday, announced on Friday March 26 that he will make his "comeback" on July 3.  A fanfare return that is in line with that of Mike Tyson.

                                    <p>The stars of boxing at the end of the 20th century, and also of the beginning of the 21st, want to put on their gloves again at the start of the 2020 decade. Is it the lure of money, or the fists that itch too much?  Maybe a bit of both.  In any case, after the exhibition fight on November 28, 2020 between heavyweights Mike Tyson, 54, and Roy Jones Junior, then 51, another boxing superstar announced his return for this summer: Oscar De La Hoya.</p><h2>"I'm impatient, I can't wait any longer!  "</h2><p>The American, reconverted promoter of fights, released his surprise announcement during a press conference organized in Las Vegas by the company Triller - already at the origin of the last Tyson-Jones Junior - and which he hosted with Snoop Dogg, Friday March 26.  " <em>I always see you on the rings, but I don't see you in the ring, you know ...</em> », Remarked the rapper.  To which Oscar De La Hoya ended up responding: " <em>July 3, I make my return.</em> »Before letting go of the microphone theatrically (mic drop) and leaving the stage.

Triller confirmed the fight of the so-called ” Golden Boy », But no further details have yet been given. ” I can’t wait any longer! », Commented the boxer on social networks. According to the American media ESPN, Oscar De La Hoya could face a fighter frommixed martial arts (MMA) from the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the sport’s biggest division. A bit like the boxing clash between Floyd Mayweather Junior and Conor McGregor, in August 2017.

This rumor also finds its source in the recent feats of arms of Triller. After staging a fight between YouTuber Jake Paul and former basketball player Nate Robinson, the company is dealing with a new fight between Jake Paul and former MMA fighter Ben Askren, scheduled for April 17, 2021.

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Oscar De La Hoya against Floyd Mayweather Junior, May 5, 2007. The latter will win by split decision. ASSOCIATED PRESS – Kevork Djansezian
    </div><h2>One of the brightest boxers of the 1990s and 2000s</h2>The name of Oscar De La Hoya's opponent is not the only data still unknown.  Will it be an exhibition fight, like Mike Tyson?  In which weight category will the man at the helm of Golden Boy Promotions fight?  And how will he be, more than 12 years after his last professional welterweight fight against Filipino Manny Pacquiao in December 2008?

All these questions will be answered in the weeks and months to come. A few days ago, the boxer of Mexican origin told the media DAZN that he had returned to training, over-motivated by the successful return of Mike Tyson, who drew against Roy Jones Junior in eight rounds. This fight was very lucrative, with $ 80 million in revenue just through pay-per-view.

Olympic champion at the Barcelona Games in lightweight, Oscar De La Hoya was world champion in six different categories, between 1994 and 2007. His appearances on the rings have generated astronomical sums throughout his career. He won 39 of his 45 professional fights (including 30 by KO), for 3 draws and 6 defeats (against Félix Trinidad, Shane Mosley twice, Bernard Hopkins, Floyd Mayweather Junior and Manny Pacquiao).

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Mid-2015, Oscar De La Hoya had already thought of coming out of retirement, before giving it up. ” I’m a professional athlete, someone who’s spent most of his life in boxing, and not a day goes by that I don’t think about getting back into the ring. He had let go anyway. This day is scheduled for July 3, 2021.


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