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at 2 o’clock this Sunday, it will be 3 o’clock

Metropolitan France switches to summer time overnight from Saturday to Sunday.
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More light, but less sleep! France goes overnight from Saturday March 27 to Sunday March 28 in summer time. At two o’clock in the morning, the clocks will advance by 60 minutes and it will therefore be three o’clock.

Little-known particularity: the time change does not concern the overseas territories (with the exception of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, which is based on neighboring Canada). Indeed, most of them are in latitudes where the differences in sunshine are low throughout the year, unlike in Europe.

This change of time twice a year (change to winter time on the last Sunday in October, to summer time on the last Sunday in March) is highly contested for its effect on biological rhythms, in particular by doctors or parents of children of school age.

At European level, where the time change regime was harmonized in 1980 – justified at the time by energy savings, the reality of which is debated the European Commission proposed in September 2018 to remove it … in 2019. But finally, the European Parliament voted in March 2019 to postpone it to 2021, to be discussed with the Council of the EU. Since then, the Covid-19 crisis has passed there, and the file is in limbo.

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In France, an online consultation organized in 2019 by the European Affairs Committee of the National Assembly received more than two million responses, overwhelmingly (83.74%) in favor of the end of the time change. More than 60% of those who participated claimed to have had “a negative or very negative experience “. As for the time to stay all year round, it was summer that was preferred by 59% of participants.

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