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As legislative elections approach, Netanyahu remains hotly contested in the street

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                Three days before the legislative elections in Israel, the fourth in less than two years, the popular opposition movement to Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu wanted to mark the occasion.  These Israelis have been demonstrating every Saturday for 39 weeks, at the foot of the Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem.

                                    <p><em>With our correspondent in Jerusalem,</em> <strong>Sami Boukhelifa</strong>

On Saturday, the anti-Netanyahu rally was much larger than usual. 20,000 people gathered to demand the departure of the Israeli Prime Minister, indicted in several criminal cases and in particular for corruption.

For nine months, David has been participating in all the demonstrations against Benjamin Netanyahu. Through this umpteenth gathering, he hopes to create an electric shock. ” We gotta shake the earth in this country and tell them “wait there are citizens in this country who love this country” and for us, it’s a bit of the last ditch. Never in Israel’s history has a protest movement lasted so long », He explains.

On the signs of the demonstrators, we can read the charges against Benjamin Netanyahu : corruption, fraud, and breach of trust. ” It is unthinkable that a Prime Minister be indicted and today he clings to power. But that’s the whole system of corruption in this country. We don’t run a country by giving gifts right to left to political partners, we run the country for the whole nation and Netanyahu he lost that, clearly David continues.

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For Elisabeth, a demonstrator, the objective of this rally is to convince the undecided to go and vote in order to oust Benyamin Netanyahu at the polls. ” Many will not vote because they have the impression that it is lost in advance. Netanyahu is not the only possible leader for Israel although he conveys that sentiment. He knows it’s not won, he knows it ».

Polls put Benyamin Netanyahu ahead of Tuesday’s election. But there is little chance that he will obtain a clear majority. Some are already talking about a fifth ballot.


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