Wednesday, March 31, 2021
Home Breaking News Around 30 confirmed cases of covid-19 in LKAB's mine in Svappavaara
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Around 30 confirmed cases of covid-19 in LKAB’s mine in Svappavaara

This week, eleven people have been confirmed with covid-19 in the mine in Svappavaara. This means that around 40 people are currently at home and are ill. Ten of them have only cold symptoms and are waiting for their test results, while the rest have been diagnosed with covid-19.

– Eleven cases are not good and we would of course rather see zero cases. But it does not feel like an uncontrolled infection situation, says Anders Lindberg.

Quickly tested every other day

30 people, who have been in the vicinity of the infected, have also been quickly tested several times. The routine is to be tested every other day three times. If all the test results are negative, you are not considered infected.

– We know that many have been infected outside their workplace and during their free weeks, says Anders Lindberg, press manager at LKAB.

“Production is not affected”

According to Anders Lindberg, the number of confirmed cases of covid-19 has varied from week to week. But despite the fact that eleven cases were found this week, and that around 30 people are ill at home, LKAB’s production is not affected.

– No, production is not affected right now. It is in different places that they are infected. It has been a work team that is hit extra hard, but there have been other teams that can back up.

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