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Apps of the Week: PlayStation Icon Crash Runs to the App Store | NOW

A PlayStation icon makes the switch to mobile phones this week and a famous card game is also going digital. These are the apps of the week.

Magic: The Gathering Arena

The popular card game Magic: The Gathering already made the switch to the PC in 2019, but can now also be played on iOS and Android.

The controls have been thoroughly overhauled to make the game playable on a touchscreen. Even if you are not or hardly familiar with the card game, Arena worth trying. The game has a handy tutorial that explains the basic rules step by step. You can also practice against computer-controlled opponents.

In Magic: The Gathering Arena are fifteen decks of cards to collect that make it accessible to test different playing styles without spending a lot of money on packs of cards. In addition, there are daily challenges that allow you to expand your card collection step by step.

Cross-platform play allows mobile users to challenge PC players and vice versa. You can also log in with the same account on both devices, so that your entire card collection is also available in the app. The game is free to play, but additional packs of digital cards can be purchased through in-app purchases.

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Download Magic: The Gathering Arena for iOS or Android (Free)

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!

PlayStation icon Crash Bandicoot has its own game on smartphones and tablets since this week. If you remember the ‘Temple Run’ phenomenon from a few years ago, Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! look familiar to you.

Also in this game you control a character that automatically runs, while all kinds of obstacles are approaching him. It’s up to you to jump or change lanes at the right time. You do this by swiping and tapping the screen, while the speed gradually increases.

However, Crash’s mobile adventure goes beyond a simple Temple Run clone: ​​in between runs, you build your own base and upgrade Crash’s equipment. That is badly needed, because there are plenty of bosses who make life difficult for you. Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! is free to download and includes in-app purchases.

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Download Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! for iOS and Android (free)

Box it Up! Inc.

Box It Up! Inc. is typically such a game that you play in between, after which you find out that half an hour has already passed. This colorful puzzle game is all about – you guessed it – packing stuff in boxes.

That sounds more boring than it is: at a rapidly increasing speed you have to pack the boxes and then send them to one of the three good lanes. By continuing to expand this simple concept with variations, the game continues to fascinate and it becomes increasingly difficult to progress.

The colorful pixel style and cheerful music complete the package. Box it Up! Inc. we can recommend to anyone who is looking for a fast puzzle game with which you can start immediately without any prior knowledge. The game is free to download and includes in-app purchases such as skins to make the assembly line look different.

Download Box it Up! Inc. for iOS and Android (free)

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