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Apple’s Ambitious Project: Improve Stuttering Speech Using Dua Lipa Songs


It will be called Saylists and it helps people with speech disorders by repeating songs with the sounds they have the most trouble to pronounce

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Apple’s next great invention is not a phone, a tablet or a computer: it is a therapeutic program designed for people who have speech problems and disorders.

Many studies point out that music can help people who have speech disorders. That is the purpose of the new Apple Music project, which by means of a special algorithm selects the songs that repeat the most sounds that would be most difficult for these people to pronounce.

The new function that has named ‘Saylists’. Although it has not yet been introduced in the service, it is the result of the alliance between Apple and Warner Music, and is aimed at users of the platform that stutter or have trouble pronouncing well the sound a series of letters: Ch, d, f, g, k, l, r, s, t and z.

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As reported by the BBC, Apple Music uses an algorithm that analyzes songs to identify songs who repeat certain sounds the most, and has managed to create a list with more than 170 songs, among which are Don’t Start Now, by Dua Lipa; Good As Hell by Lizzo and Right Here, Right Now by Fatboy Slim.

From Warner Music they hope that “by creating a therapeutic tool that is as attractive and accessible as word lists,” they can help anyone who has difficulties with their speech, “as CEO Tony Harlow has expressed.

Meanwhile, Apple continues to develop its new product line for 2021. Many rumors suggest that they will announce new computers and tablets in the month of April. In the same way, we already know a lot about the iPhone 13 that the company will launch in the fall of this year: more battery, more power and totally renewed screens.

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