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Apple is starting to present local applications in Russia for users of new devices – Mobile

At least Apple isn’t leaving the Russian market yet, Vedomosti newspaper says.

American Apple agrees to abide by Russia’s new law, which forces it to offer local applications for devices. The decision was told To Vedomosti magazine a government representative as well as Apple itself.

Vedomost’s article is in Russian. The article is quoted in English Engadget. As of the beginning of April, an iPhone or iPad purchased in Russia will present a check box with government-approved Russian applications at the time of first launch. According to Vedomost, the user is not forced to accept them, but can uncheck at least some applications.

In the background is the Russian president Vladimir Putin a law passed by the end of 2019 that applies to smartphones as well as tablets, computers and smart TVs. The official purpose of the law is to support local developers and help citizens use their devices. There have been fears that the law will provide a means of spying on citizens.

The law has been considered particularly anti-Apple because the company has traditionally controlled exactly what apps can be installed on its iPhones. In practice, Apple had to choose whether it wanted to operate in the Russian market or not.

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According to Vedomost, the applications include Yandex, Group, Kaspersky Lab, Rostelecom and Channel One.

According to Engadget, Android users will not be given the opportunity to refuse to install apps. In their case, the applications are pre-installed on the devices.

Russia has tightened its take on the country’s internet considerably, and the coercion imposed on Apple can be seen as representing the same development. Last week, the country’s television authority Roskomnadzor began slowing down Twitter on the grounds that the service had not removed illegal content as required. The real reason is alleged to be the active communication of the country’s opposition on Twitter.

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