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Apologies for the confusion in Tjejvasan

Kransmasen Gustaf Berglund, 22, himself an elite skier, arrived quickly and hung the wreath around Korsgren’s neck after the 27.5 kilometers he drove. So far, everything looked good.

– Our technical delegate from the ski association and our competition leader Cathrine Mörk gave Gustaf the go-ahead to hang on the wreath. Then an internal communication failure occurred. Another official became unsure if it was right and rushed off to the time trial, which was locked for coronary reasons. The staff turned the screen towards the official and pointed to what he perceived as Britta’s name, says sports director Tommy Höglund to SVT Sport.

– He then steered it in a way that was not intended.

That was when Johansson Norgren received the wreath, at the same time as TV pictures showed that Korsgren won by just over a foot. And the great confusion arose.

But how could this official make the decision that two others have already made a correct decision about?

– The staff in the cure sat locked in and pointed to Lina’s name, which this official perceived as Britta’s name, Höglund explains.

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What I do not understand is why you do not sort out who won extra carefully when Lina walks around with the wreath?

– It got hectic and no one understood what was happening.

In the end, Korsgren rightfully received the wreath.

– It gets a bit mixed when they were so quick to choose a winner, they might have waited a bit, she said in SVT’s broadcast.

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How could you sort it out?

– As long as you understood what had happened and that you understood that an error had occurred, you corrected it again. You had a photo finish and access to everything. There were no doubts. It was an internal mistake. I promise it will not happen on Sunday. The girls know what happened and we have apologized, says Höglund.

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