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AP-HP crisis directors warn that they will have to triage patients

In a column published by “Le Journal du Dimanche”, 41 signatories, AP-HP crisis medical directors, considers that faced with the continuous increase in intensive care admissions that they will be forced, within a fortnight, to triage patients to save as many lives as possible.

Forty AP-HP crisis medical directors say they are preparing to have to “sort out patients” to cope with the third wave of Covid-19 which is overwhelming the Paris region, in a column published by Sunday Newspaper. “We cannot remain silent without betraying the Hippocratic oath that we took one day”, write seriously these doctors who manage the emergency in the Hospitals of Paris. “In the next fortnight”, they estimate, “we have a virtual certainty on the number of critical care beds that will be necessary, and we already know that our care capacities will be exceeded at the end. of this period “.

“This sorting will concern all patients, Covid and not Covid”

“In this situation of disaster medicine where there will be a glaring mismatch between the needs and the available resources, we will be forced to sort out patients in order to save as many lives as possible”, add the 41 signatories, in the first row including Professor Bruno Riou, crisis medical director of the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris. “This sorting will concern all patients, Covid and non-Covid, in particular for the access of adult patients to critical care”, they continue, indicating that they “never experienced such a situation, even during the worst attacks suffered in recent years. years “.

Certainly, “the triage of patients has already started since major medical and surgical deprogramming have already been imposed on us and we know very well that these are associated with loss of opportunity and non-access to care for some patients”. But “these deprogramming will have to intensify in the days to come, soon sparing only vital emergencies”.

The Regional Health Agency (ARS) has asked hospitals in Ile-de-France “to anticipate an increase in the number of beds” for critical care with a target of 2,200 beds available to accommodate Covid patients. 19. A first level of 1,800 beds must be crossed in a few days.

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