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Another chief physician died at the Omskin Hospital in Navalny – Abroad

Another respected specialist, 62-year-old Rustam Agishev, has passed away at the Omsk City Hospital, which became known as the place of treatment for opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Russian according to media reports Rustam Agishev died on Friday, March 26. He is said to have had a cerebrovascular accident last December from which he never recovered. Agishev’s death is reported by, among others, an Omsk news site

Agishev headed the department of traumatology and orthopedics at Omsk City Hospital. Consequently, he apparently did not himself participate directly in the Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalnyin treatment last August, when this was brought directly from the plane to Omsk Hospital due to symptoms of poisoning. However, as the ward chief, Agishev was also one of the hospital’s administrative executives during Navalny’s treatment period.

Agishev is said to have worked in the number 1 emergency departments of Omsk City Hospital for a total of thirty years.

Current Chief Administrative Officer of Omsk City Hospital Yevgeny Osipov said Agishev was truly dedicated to his work as a savior of people and his death is a great loss to the hospital.

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– He will always be an example to other doctors of unlimited sacrifice to his profession, willingness to help and wisdom, Osipov said Omsk.Mk.ruaccording to.

Omsk the fates of the city hospital doctors have been closely monitored in the Russian media since the hospital rose to fame as the savior of Navalny’s life and since then as the issuer of conflicting health statements.

I was a heart specialist directly involved in the treatment Sergei Maksimishin died unexpectedly in February at the age of 55. Maximishin was reported to have had a heart attack, and he eventually died at his workplace in intensive care.

I got a representative Leonid Volkovin according to Maksimishin took care of this and played a crucial role in saving Navalny.

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– Maximish knew more than anyone about Alexei’s condition, Volkov said CNNto.

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Navalnyin a deputy chief physician who was also directly involved in the treatment Anatoly Kalinitshenko unexpectedly resigned from the hospital himself last October. Kalinitshenko said he was moving to private health care as a surgeon.

Kalinitshenko issued several statements on the state of Navalny last August. He said in front of the camcorders first that poisoning is also being investigated as one possibility. Shortly thereafter, however, the Omsk hospital began to completely rule out the possibility of poisoning as the cause of Navalny’s illness, and Kalinitshenko himself joined the dispensers.

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Kalinitshenko communicated with the crew of a German ambulance flight to pick up the Navalnyi and also personally supervised the transfer of the Navalnyi to the flight, says the Omski news site

(Kalinitshenko talks about the state of health in Navalny in the video below and says that poisoning is being investigated as one possible cause.)

(Kalinitshenko denies the poisoning of Navalny in the video below.)

Kalinitshenko explained to the Russian media that he had been planning to switch to other positions for a long time, but due to the coronavirus and the Navalny case, he had to delay his resignation a bit.

– My transition to a new job has nothing to do with politics. I just realized finally that I am interested in surgery more than administrative tasks, explained Kalinitshenko News RBKaccording to in October.

Navalnyin during his treatment as Chief Administrative Officer of Omsk Hospital Aleksandr Murahovski was promoted last November when he became Minister of Health of the Omsk Region.

It was Murahovsky who went down in history as a doctor who gave the camcorders a peculiar statement about Navalny’s “metabolic disorders”. Murahovsky’s performance was considered strangely nervous and many drew attention, among other things, to the way he hopped the pen in his hands and dusted his gaze.

(Murahovsky’s statement about Navalny’s body sugar imbalance is shown in the video below.)

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Murahovsky is also known in Omsk as the President of Russia Vladimir Putin as a representative of the United Russia party in support of

According to Russia’s official position, no signs of novice shock or intentional poisoning were found in Navalny’s body, but his condition is explained by chronic pancreatitis and metabolic disorders. Russia has also not launched a criminal investigation into the poisoning of Navalny, although several European laboratories confirmed signs of novitshok neurotoxin in his body.

Alexei Navalnyi was arrested in Russia in January immediately on a direct return flight when he returned to his homeland after a period of treatment in Germany.­

Presently What’s hot in Russia reports that the Navalnyin health has deteriorated drastically pokrova Detention Center, where she is suffering from two and a half year prison sentence.

Several Russian doctors, Navalyi’s assistants and Juliawife have demanded that Navalny be given immediate treatment for his back and leg pain. Navalny’s right leg is numb and he can no longer walk on it.

Navalnyi himself has also demanded that the torture-like deprivation of sleep against him in the prison camp be stopped.

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At the prison camp, Navalnyi is woken up at night once an hour and each time the camp guard records a video statement in which he tells the “escaped” Navalny is still demonstrably in his cell.

Putin’s press secretary Dmitri Peskov has rejected appeals to ensure the health of Navalny. According to Peskov, the Kremlin does not respond to the petitions because the matter does not belong to them but to the Russian Penal Sanctions Agency, the news agency says. Tass.

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