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Anna: Singer Astrid Swan, 39, prepares her child for death – spouse talks about crushing pain – Entertainment

Astrid Swan has been suffering from incurable breast cancer for seven years. She tells Anna how it affects the family’s daily lives.

Vocalist Astrid Swan, real name Astrid Joutseno developed breast cancer in 2014 at just 32 years of age. In 2017, Swan’s cancer recurred and it became apparent that it could no longer be cured. For the past four years, Swan, 39, has known he will die soon.

Swan says Annain an interview with the magazine that he is currently preparing his family for life without him. Swan’s family includes his school-age son, his English spouse Nick Triani as well as Trian’s child from this previous relationship.

Swan prepares for his death by making practical arrangements and taking care of his child. The singer’s son was only 2 years old when he first fell ill.

– The youngest has some understanding of this situation. Talking doesn’t make this any less painful for the child, but still he or she is able to talk. And that is important. He hasn’t ruled out the matter in his opinion, Swan’s wife Nick Triani says in Anna.

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Swan and Triani have been together for 19 years. They have not wanted to give grief power in their lives, even if it affects the daily life of the family.

– Mostly grief takes up space from the ability to enjoy everyday things, Swan says in Anna.

Swan deals with grief and apostasy by reading the literature on death, convalescence, and cancer. He wants to understand what his death will mean to his loved ones and also to himself.

For Swan’s spouse, the thought of losing this is overwhelming and he tries not to think about it.

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– The idea that Astrid would no longer be here is really heavy. But I’m lucky. Our relationship is on solid ground and I get comfort from it, Triani says in an interview with Anna.

As early as 2017, Astrid Swan said in her blog that she had started planning a time when she would not be.

– Little by little I’ve wanted to control rather than let go. I have decided to let go of the preparations, which originally wanted to do.

– When I die, I have no 90-year-old experience, nor 60-year-old perspectives. And what I have not lived, I will not know. And that’s okay, he wrote.

Swan released in 2019 My last book , in which she recalled her childhood and shared her experiences as the mother of a small child with cancer.

In his blog, Swan reflected on how mothers lose their children and children lose their mothers on a daily basis.

– We live our lives without the promise of seeing my child next summer or walking to school with him on the first day of school. That I am present at critical moments, not to mention from small to significant days when he needed my support, leipomistaitojani or observing my eyes, Swan wrote.

Swan is known as a singer and musician. He released his debut album Poor in 2005. In recent years, Swan has been working on her dissertation on maternity bloggers.

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