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Anna Puu burst into inconsolable crying in the middle of the working day – opens up an intimate issue related to pregnancy in somessa – Entertainment

Anna Puu talks about the feelings that pregnancy brings with her on Instagram.

The favorite singer of Finland Anna Puu, 39, is currently expecting a baby along with his producer spouse Jukka Immonen, 42, with.

Anna has spoken openly on social media about the different stages of her pregnancy and in her new release, she bites into the emotional states that pregnancy brings.

– You can only imagine what an otherwise crying-sensitive person has in the midst of all this hormone turmoil. I don’t remember being on the trigger all this time for 11 years. Masks on the cheeks many times a day, Anna writes with a crying picture.

In her update, Anna says she was sensitized to tears in the middle of the work day. He was doing dubbaing at the time.

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– There was a real feeling of evil in the translation!

– You do not if crying cleanses the soul, then those slugs are about to go sandblasted, the artist carves and states in the same breath that, fortunately, will also be laughed at.

Anna’s honest someposting generously garnered likes and junk messages. Many public figures, such as Anni Hautala, Maarit Hurmerinta and Samu News.

– Luckily I got a session of my new song in just those fumes. It became so wonderful that it ruptured even with normal hormones, Samu Haber writes.

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– You’re so sweet. It is said that you eyes are the mirror of the soul and must say that it is now clear, says Maarit Hurmerinta.

Anna Puu and Jukka Immonen have been together for five years. The future baby is the couple’s first child together. Anna Puula has a daughter born in 2010 from her previous union.

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