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Home Sport Andy Murray eager to become a golf caddy
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Andy Murray eager to become a golf caddy

In recent years on the tennis court, having won three Grand Slam tournaments, he has fallen to 116th place in the ranking after, among other things, double hip surgery and has not been close to the class he held between 2010 and 2016 when the great successes came .

In 2016, for example, he was world number one after, among other things, Olympic gold in Rio, the title in Wimbledon and a finalist in both Australia and the US Open.

Sees rudeness between golf and tennis

– It would be fun to become a golf caddy, to get close and become personal with top golfers and learn more about that sport. There are certainly also synergy effects between golf and tennis on the mental level and to be able to help a golfer with that would be interesting, says Murray to the Gentleman’s Journal.

As a youngster, Murray nobbed an offer to train with the Glasgow Rangers at their academy, but his interest in football remains.

– Taking a coaching license in football would be fun, Murray thinks.

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Andy Murray. Photo: TT

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