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Anders Tegnell on the Astra message: “Waiting for data on young people”

The Swedish Public Health Agency assesses that the benefits far outweigh the risks of Astra Zeneca’s vaccine. Therefore, the use of the vaccine for people over 65 is resumed.

But why should the vaccine not be given to people under 65?

“Waiting for data”

State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell commented on the decision in tonight’s Aktuellt.

– We do not recommend the vaccine for younger people because there are signals of 20-30 cases in Europe. There are few, but it is a very serious side effect. We are now waiting for data to see if it can also be offered to younger people, Tegnell said in the broadcast.

If you are over 65 and may have had a previous blood cell count, should you take this vaccine then?

– We absolutely mean it. There is no connection to previous blood cells, but this is a completely different mechanism, said Anders Tegnell.

Cannot deselect the vaccine

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Following the blood clot alarm, there have been requests among some worried elderly people to opt out of Astra Zeneca’s vaccine. Not possible, says Anders Tegnell.

– It is impossible. There may not be all vaccines in all places all the time. Then you probably have to wait. I have a hard time believing that we can have that kind of offer until later this autumn. If you wait, you take a clear risk of becoming infected instead, says Anders Tegnell.

What do you say to those who hesitate?

– The risk of infection is there. And the risk of becoming seriously ill. If there is a risk at all with the vaccine, it is very very small, the vaccine has been given to millions of people. If this was a common side effect, we would have seen the side effect much more often.

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