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Anders Christiansen: “The least you can do is have a dialogue”

– First and foremost, it is a terrible virus that we have lived with for a year and health is the most important thing. But Malmö FF has stated that you can guarantee an audience in a safe way. If you compare that you can sit a hundred people inside a restaurant but we can not sit a hundred people in a large football stadium. I think that is a bit strange, says MFF’s Danish team captain.

For a year, the tug-of-war between Swedish Elite Football and the responsible authorities and government has been going on. Football’s representatives fought first to play, then to gradually open up the stands for a proportionate crowd of spectators.

It also looked like it could become a reality before the Public Health Agency called on the government to postpone the proposed relief until 3 May. Elite football had plans to open 15 percent of the arenas’ capacity to spectators.

– Only we and some in the theater and cultural world have the unique restriction that we are completely closed to visitors. This adjustment that we get the same harsh restrictions as the rest of society that dialogue we would have liked to have had. That we still have not been able to discuss how to make solutions for football and other cultural events, where we feel that we are still on square zero, says Mats Enquist, Secretary General of Swedish Elite Football, to SVT Sport.

“Had been a win for the whole society”

Anders Christiansen is on the same track:

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– It feels like all football clubs are ready to take responsibility for reducing the spread of infection while you can let in spectators. The least you can do is have a dialogue and open up to that possibility, he says and continues:

– I think that Sweden is the league in the whole of the Nordic region that has the strongest audience. That must be respected and accepted. It’s not just a hobby, people really care about the sport. It’s a great way to get out and get your thoughts on something other than corona. I think it would have been a win for the whole community.

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