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An investigation is filed against Mossos d’Esquadra commanders and agents for their action on 1-O

The court considers that they followed orders from the pre-invoice of the police force

Police action on 1-O

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    The Generalitat orchestrated the occupation of the schools on October 1 to give an “alibi” to the Mossos

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New legal case against agents and commanders of the Mossos d’Esquadra for their actions during the day of 1-O which is filed The Barcelona Court upheld the appeal presented by seven members of the autonomous police force against the resolution of the Court of Instruction number 2 of Sabadell that ordered the prosecution of the accused for a crime of disobedience, considering that during the referendum the judicial orders were not followed to prevent voting in the northern metropolitan region, an area headed at that time by superior commissioner Cristina Manresa, who has been exonerated.

The attorneys for the seven defendants, including attorneys Javier Aranda and Sandra Melgar, from the Aranda, Melgar & Tsies law firm, which advises the SPC police union, filed an appeal against this judicial decision, to which the Prosecutor added. They considered that the beginning of the investigation was the same for which the National Court prosecuted and acquitted the mayor of the Mossos Josep Llus Trapero and they recall that both the commissioner and the other investigated did not participate in the elaboration of the action guidelines that the Catalan police prefecture to prevent the illegal referendum, but they followed orders.

On the contrary, Vox, which is acting as a private accusation, requested that the prosecution of the police officers for disobedience be maintained, as the Sabadell court did, despite the fact that Major Josep Llus Trapero had been acquitted by the National Court. The case in Sabadell began after a complaint for the alleged permissiveness of the Mossos in an electoral college in Poliny, in which fifty people prevented access, in addition to a saturation in the lines that prevented communication at that time with their superiors , according to the Audiencia of Barcelona. That is why he believes that there was no disobedience on the part of the displaced agents.

In addition, the order, to which this newspaper has had access, recalls the processed controls followed “the scrupulous and almost literal fulfillment of the orders received from the Prefecture” of the Mossos during the day, although he doubts whether these guidelines “were or were not. ideal to comply with the court order “and if the police actions” were more or less effective for such purposes. ” Precisely, the case opened against the police leadership that was opened by a Cornell court and that later went to Sabadell after unsuccessfully trying to get the National Court to deal with it was also filed.

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In the filing order against commanders and agents of the northern metropolitan region of Mossos, the Audiencia de Barcelona points out that the police action on October 1 should “lead all of us involved in the administration of justice to reflect on the extreme difficulties in the that police forces can meet to comply with certain court orders. “

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