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an “important step” for Rwanda, France hopes for an “irreversible” rapprochement

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                After the submission of the Duclert report on Friday March 26, France hopes to strengthen its diplomatic relations with Rwanda.  An approach that is in line with Paris' desire to rebuild France's relations with the countries of the African continent.  For Kigali, which received the report at the same time as the Élysée, it is a " <em>important step towards a common understanding of France's role in the Tutsi genocide</em> ».

                                    <p><span><span><span>France wears " <em>heavy and overwhelming responsibilities</em> »In the events leading up to the genocide in <strong>Rwanda </strong>in 1994 and which made 800</span></span></span> <span><span><span>000 deaths, according to the United Nations, without</span></span></span> <em><span><span><span>partner in crime</span></span></span> </em>»<span><span><span> of genocide.  This is the main conclusion of the Duclert report submitted on Friday to <strong>Emmanuel Macron</strong>.  With this recognition of the role of France in Rwanda, the Élysée hopes " <em>new stages in relations between the two countries</em> ».</span></span></span>

Paris expects a lot from this report. Because even if relations with Kigali have relaxed since Emmanuel Macron came to power in 2017, France’s role in Rwanda has remained an explosive subject for more than 25 years.

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The Head of State commissioned this report two years ago from a commission of experts tasked with studying all “ French archives relating to Rwanda and genocide of Tutsis Between 1990 and 1994, including those classified as defense secrets.

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A source at the Élysée indicates that it is now a question of being able to move forward in the relationship between the two countries: “ We hope this time that the process of rapprochement with Rwanda can be started irreversibly. », We explain with in line of sight, the appointment of an ambassador in Kigali soon.

As a sign of goodwill, the report was also handed over to the Rwandan authorities when it was officially presented to Emmanuel Macron.

“We do not expect France to tell us what it has done, we know it”

For its part, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Rwanda hailed in the wake ” an important step towards a common understanding of France’s role in the Tutsi genocide ».

But beyond Rwanda, Emmanuel Macron wants to send a signal to the whole continent. The Élysée speaks of an additional brick in the work of refounding France’s relations with Africa, after the restitution of works of art and African heritage and the reform of the CFA franc.

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For its part, Rwanda does not intend to be satisfied with the version of the Duclert report. In a tweet published this Friday evening shortly after the findings of the Commission of French historians were posted online, the authorities in Kigali mentioned the upcoming publication of another report, Rwandan this time, on the subject, reports our correspondent at Kigali, Laure broulard.

This new investigation report will, according to the press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, complete and enrich the conclusions of the Duclert commission. It was commissioned in 2017 by the Rwandan government and should be made public in the coming weeks.

<p><span><span><span><span><span><span>Kigali had already published a report on the subject in 2008, the Mucyo report, which concluded that Paris had played an active part in the preparation and execution of the genocide against the Tutsis.  Difficult to know more at this stage about this second investigation, which should however bring new elements, according to a source close to the government.</span></span></span></span></span></span>

Kigali sees in any case in the Duclert report an important step towards a common understanding of the role of France in the genocide. ” We don’t expect France to tell us what it did, we know it », Adds Jean Paul Kimonyo, researcher and former advisor to Paul Kagame. He adds, however, that the effort of historical truth represented by the Duclert commission is welcome.

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