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An eyewitness testified to the man’s extremely dangerous whim in the center of Helsinki – Kotimaa

The man who started running over Töölönlahti fell on the ice.

This too the whim should have been left undone. It could have had a very sad consequence.

An eyewitness who was jogging on the shores of Töölönlahti in the spring sunshine witnessed a strange series of events when a man left the beach on the Mannerheimintie side to run alone on the ice towards the opposite shore and the Töölönlahti bridge, even though there were already melting points on the ice.

– I told my friend that a man would soon drop into the water, an eyewitness told Ilta-Sanomat.

And that’s what happened.

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The man almost reached the opposite shore, but then the ice betrayed underfoot.

– There the man raped and swayed in the water. It took about a couple of minutes, and it already occurred to me that something was going wrong here, but the man finally got up from the ice himself. An ambulance also arrived a moment later, but the man had apparently already gone on his travels, the eyewitness said.

According to an eyewitness, the man was alone, and everything happened completely by surprise.

– I don’t know if he was drunk or if it was a race or a bet.

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In charge firefighter Samuli Saarioinen He says from the Helsinki City Rescue Department that you shouldn’t go on the ice at all.

– The ice situation in Helsinki is bad, as it has been all winter. Although there was a severe period of frost, there was a lot of snow before the frosts. The snow has acted as insulation, ie the ice cover has not grown thick, Saarioinen emphasizes.

In addition, the sunny weather of recent days has effectively eaten the ice sheet. There have been a dozen degrees of heat in the sun.

– The sun is rising higher all the time, so its effect on the ice is intensifying day by day, Saarioinen says.

Under the influence of the sun’s heat, the steel ice turns into a hollow coffee ice with a load capacity of only half the load capacity of the steel ice.

– Where there is still ice, it is not worth going to the ice. We don’t hope people go on the ice anymore at all. We hope that people will enjoy the beautiful weather and the sea right from the beach, Saarioinen pointed out.

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