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an exhibition on the work of small-scale fishermen for biodiversity

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                In Antananarivo, in the middle of the gardens of the Photo Museum, an exhibition run by the NGO Blue Ventures is dedicated to traditional fishermen.  The opportunity to make the inhabitants of the Highlands aware of the role of these essential actors in the conservation of marine resources.  Faced with the scarcity of marine resources, small Malagasy fishermen have been organized for the past fifteen years to manage their resources more sustainably.

                                    <p><em>With our correspondent in Antananarivo,</em> <strong>Sarah Tétaud</strong>

« Who among you has ever seen the sea? », Launches the guide. Of the hundred or so young visitors, college students from an establishment in the capital, less than twenty have already been to the coast.

Miadamanana, 15, is one of those lucky ones: “ Yes, I once went to see the sea. It was in Majunga. But I was totally unaware that there was a problem of lack of fish … and how rudimentary the fishing methods used by the small fishermen were ».

Self-management of small-scale fishermen

On site, Lalao Aigrette, national technical advisor for the mangrove conservation program at Blue Ventures, explains to schoolchildren how the fishermen, who now manage 20% of the coast themselves, are contributing on their own scale to limiting the disaster.

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« On the ground, it is that the fishermen have set up places where fishing and the cutting of mangroves are totally prohibited. For other areas, they set up a temporary fishing closure to let the fish grow and reproduce. They also organize community surveillance to ensure that none of them use destructive fishing equipment. Ultimately the situation is serious, because of climate change and overfishing, but community initiatives work! Better than when it’s imposed from the outside [les autorités, les ONG, etc. ndlr]. »

However, for greater impact, seafood companies and authorities, especially those responsible for monitoring illegal fishing, obviously have a big role to play.


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