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An estimated 20 cattle ships stuck in the Suez Canal – Animal Welfare Organization: “A ticking biological time bomb” – Abroad

Concerns have been raised about the welfare of animals being transported on cargo ships in the blocked Suez Canal, with 20 livestock vessels waiting in line for NGO bills. He tells about it Guardian.

However, the worst trouble is with three livestock vessels stuck along the canal, an expert from the Marine Traffic website, which monitors shipping, says. Other vessels in the Karelian cargo are waiting their turn in front of the canal.

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There has been no concern for animal welfare so far, but as the situation continues, the situation may change. The cargo of the Ever Given, which landed and blocked on Tuesday morning, may need to be lightened and the process may take weeks.

– My main concern is that animals run out of food and water and get stuck on ships because they cannot be landed for bureaucratic reasons. In this case, the animals go hungry, suffer from dehydration and their droppings accumulate. It’s a ticking biological time bomb, says the coordinator of Animals International Gerit Weidinger Guardianille.

According to surveys, five of the stalled livestock vessels come from Spain and nine from Romania. The Spanish agricultural authorities have so far suspended the loading of livestock vessels traveling to the Arabian Peninsula.

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