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An artist holding a golden residency in Dubai carves a horse on the sands of Jumeirah – Our Life – Destinations

A delightful surprise, presented by the Iraqi artist, who obtained a golden residency in Dubai, Zaid Al-Azami, to the visitors of the Jumeirah Beach, at last, after he carved a whole horse, in proportions close to the original, with the help of lighting donated by the visitors of the place, who surrounded the artist until he finished putting the finishing touches On his “sand horse.”

Al-Azami told “Emirates Today” that he sculpted the horse spontaneously, after a session with friends in which he looked at the sand and the sea, and felt a longing for work that caught the attention of the visitors of the place, and increased their love for the beautiful beach of Jumeirah.

He added: “The idea was not initially to sculpt a complete horse with close proportions to this being whose love inhabits me always, so I began to sculpt the horse’s head and two feet with half the body, and the beach goers, who turned around me, insisted on me to complete .. So I did.”

He explained that drawing or sculpting a horse is one of the most difficult for the artist, as it contains many details and metrics that need accuracy and consideration, in order to reach a result that lives up to the status of this magical being in its shape, emotion, and all his behavior.

Al-Azami believes that Jumeirah Beach is suitable for being an incubator for creativity for any artist who wants to offer something different: “The place is charming in all its details, and it inspires the creator to present sand sculptures that attract visitors, and increase the area of ​​joy near its magnificent waves.”

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He called on the supervisors of Dubai’s beaches to organize artistic events that simulate the nature of the place, highlight the creativity of the participants in it, and present various artistic vocabulary that draws the attention of visitors, and fit the refined taste of the local beaches goers.

Al-Azami’s paintings express his clear influence with terms related to the shape and composition of the horse, as he worked on presenting a group of various horse paintings in the past, and is considered an expert and researcher in the history of drawing and dealing with them within Arab and Western frameworks.

He explained: “I researched the history of the Arabian horse for a long time, and when I realized the origins of its formation, I began to draw it so that this sensitive object does not lose its value with the brush and the color, and I always thought that drawing a horse should imitate its spirit and emotional nature.”

He continued: “While you take the brush in your hand to start drawing a horse, you live with this beautiful object with all the details, and the matter becomes a journey to his side, talking to him, and addressing you with his language and vocabulary, and consequently the painting or sculpture comes out with the elegance of this seductive and its characteristics that are unique to it from any other being.

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The artist revealed that he stayed until the early hours of the morning next to his “sand horse” on the beach of Jumeirah, while the visitors of the place continued to take pictures with this sculpture, express their admiration for it, and ask him about how it was formed, which prompted him to decide on a periodic initiative to make spontaneous sand sculptures. Delight beachgoers.

Until the early hours of the morning, the Iraqi creator stayed next to his “sand horse.”

Zaid Al-Azmy:

– “Jumeirah Beach can be an incubator for creativity for any artist who wants to do something different.”

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