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an 11-year-old boy collects 600,000 euros for caregivers


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M. Boisseau, N. Boisseau, L. Soudre

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An 11-year-old child managed to raise more than 600,000 euros for the palliative care unit at his hometown hospital, North Devon (UK). He spent a year sleeping in his tent at the back of his garden after a promise made to his neighbor, who died of cancer.

No matter the weather, Max, an 11-year-old English boy, sleeps every night in a tent pitched in his garden, and has been for a year. In this room “narrow but comfortable”, Her cuddly toys keep her company, when it’s cold or the wind blows hard. The boy embarked on this adventure to raise funds for the hospital in North Devon, in the west of England. He created a kitty which met with incredible success by publishing photos and videos of his adventure: 600,000 euros were collected for caregivers.

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Max was of course able to count on the support of his parents, but above all on his determination. He had made a promise to his neighbor and friend Eric, who died of cancer a year ago. “He had given me a tent, and I had promised to use it. The caregivers took really good care of him. When I knew that because of the coronavirus, they could no longer organize charity events, I wanted to help themr ”, says the young boy. The staff of the Palliative Care Unit were very impressed with his generosity, and felt that this donation was “vital” for the service.

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