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Amsterdam triangle: New approach to reduce street dealers | NOW

Better enforcement, faster trial and a campaign to avoid street dealers. With these measures, among other things, the municipality of Amsterdam, the police and the judiciary hope to reduce the nuisance caused by drug trafficking in the street.

The problem of street dealing, in which fake and real drugs are offered, has been around for quite some time in the Amsterdam city center. Figures from the municipality show that between January 2017 and December 2019, a total of 2,267 people were arrested at least once as suspects for dealing (fake) drugs in the center.

Due to the lockdown, the number of street dealers has fallen sharply, but it is expected that from the moment the corona measures are relaxed, the problems will also increase again. Because the Amsterdam triangle does not want to wait for these problems to occur again, it has therefore come up with a new approach.

For example, in the General Local Bye-Laws (APV), the behavior ‘annoyingly holding up at buildings’ is reintroduced as grounds for an administrative area prohibition. This allows the police to act more effectively and faster. According to the triangle, this means has proven effective in the past to combat nuisance from street dealers.

Try to offer help to vulnerable street dealers

As soon as the monthly actions of the police on street dealers start again, the Public Prosecution Service (OM) will physically come to the base team office to issue subpoenas in person to suspects of street dealing, forcing them to appear before a judge within a few weeks. .

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In addition, a trial is starting to offer vulnerable street dealers and nuisance perpetrators care and assistance, instead of a long-term area ban. There will also be a campaign to encourage inner-city visitors to avoid street dealers. In addition, the police and municipality will better exchange information about street dealers and the districts where they live.

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