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Amazing power again! Mika Zibanejad did a trick in the NHL that no one had reached before – the NHL

The Swedish star of the New York Rangers made 3 + 3 again.

New York Rangers’ number one center Mika Zibanejad is a player who sometimes attains cheeky point factories.

Recently, it has been experienced by the Philadelphia Flyers.

Last week, Zibanejad rotted the Flyers net in a 9-1 victory with powers of 3 + 3. He even made all his points in one round, setting aside the NHL single-round points record.

On Friday morning, the Rangers faced the Flyers again. Zibanejad decked again 3 + 3. This time, the Rangers won 8 to 3 away.

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And again, Zibanejad rotten his hat tricks into one tube. He scored 3–0, 4–0 and 5–0 goals for the Rangers.

Kainuu-oriented Ritva Zibanejadin at the same time, the boy became the first player in NHL history to score six power points in two consecutive regular season matches against the same opponent.

In the 32 matches of the season, the Swedish star has now scored 10 + 16 = 26, ie as much as 46 percent of Zibanejad’s season powers have been generated in two Flyers matches.

Finnish striker Rangers hit twice in the previous match Kaapo Kakko did not reach efficiencies in a recent crushing victory.

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The Rangers had already risen to a draw with Flyers, who had been squatting recently. The teams are in 5th and 6th place in the Eastern Division.

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