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Almost half of Finns have snatched a hotel – “The biggest single item was hotel TV” – Travel

Plates and cutlery, coffee and kettles, televisions or even bells in the hotel lobby are taken home from the hotels, the investigation reveals.

Toiletries, tea, coffee and hotel slippers.

It lists the supplies that are stolen from hotels the most.

According to a burglary survey, almost half, or 48 percent, of Finnish tourists have stolen at least one item from a hotel.

Conscience is hardly ringing either: 70 per cent of the respondents admitted to telling their family and friends about their tweaks without any guilt.

Four percent have exported television

56 per cent of Finnish tourists thought that the hotel’s small hygiene items were very attractive to pack at the end of their stay.

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Also a favorite was the bathrobe and slippers, which had been taken home by five percent of respondents.

Five percent of respondents had taken the slippers home.­

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A small number of Finns admitted to stealing more unusual things, such as plates and cutlery, a coffee or kettle, a television or even an invitation clock in the hotel lobby.

There is also experience of stealing television from a Finnish hotel, say the Hotel Managers previously interviewed by Ilta-Sanomat.

– The largest single object had been the hotel TV that had left, which was screwed off the wall. Bed linen, bathrobes, towels, paintings and door handles have been coveted memorabilia from your visit. This is not very common, but it is ongoing, recalled Sokos Hotels’ Director of Marketing and Communications Outi Vitie recently.

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Formerly director of Lapland Hotels in Tampere and currently working as a hotel manager at Lapland Hotels Arena Janne Mönkkönen recalled a similar style of theft in the 2019 interview.

– Once the whole Hotel Room has been cleaned so that everything possible was taken from the telly. He was not a resident of the hotel, but someone else.

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Some keep it normal

A review shows that Finns don’t find picking a hotel particularly reprehensible. It was considered normal by 23 percent of respondents.

12 percent of tourists were guilty of pickpocketing.

However, there is also room for those who say they enjoy the excitement of taking breakfast croissants, for example.

Some take food with them for breakfast.­

Breakfast theft is one of the problems of the hotel.

Free breakfasts are also available at the hotel for those who have not paid for their stay.

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Which hotels are allowed to be exported?

What is allowed to be exported from hotels varies from hotel to hotel.

Hotellinjohtaja Anne Katajalaakso Kokkola Hotel Seurahuone said previouslythat clearly featured toiletries such as bath foam and soap can be brought to the hotel.

Once the entire Hotel Room has been cleaned so that everything possible was taken from the telly. He was not a resident of the hotel, but someone else.

However, problems may be known if something heavier, such as a bath towel or hair dryer, is included.

Hotellinjohtaja Janne Mönkkönen commented recentlythat most hotel rooms carry small bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

According to Mönkkönen, taking home disposable bottles home is acceptable. They are also allowed to take bath slippers and loose tea bags, as they are included in the room rate at Lapland Hotels.

Scandic Joensuu shift manager Elisa in turn, said the most common “hotel gift” is a roll of toilet paper.

They are not asked at the hotel.

4,500 respondents from Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway participated in the survey. OnePoll’s survey was conducted on 1-3. March 2021.

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