Wednesday, March 31, 2021
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Almost 30 organizations in the USA called on Biden to dialogue with Russia – RT in Russian

In the United States, 27 organizations have appealed to US President Joe Biden to end “reckless rhetoric” against Russian leader Vladimir Putin and begin constructive bilateral negotiations. A joint letter from the organizations was received by The Hill newspaper.

“As national organizations advocating for diplomacy, arms control, disarmament and peace, we are very alarmed by the recent negative exchange of views between the leaders of the two countries, which have more than 90% of the world’s nuclear warheads in their arsenals,” the publication quotes an excerpt from the address.

The authors of the letter called on the Biden administration to “intensively negotiate nuclear weapons with the Russian government.”

Among the signatories to the statement are left-wing organizations such as Fair Democrats, Blue America, Demand Progress, Our Revolution and Progressive Democrats of America.

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On March 18, Putin invited Biden to hold open talks online.

He also wished his American colleague good health, commenting on Biden’s affirmative answer to the journalist’s provocative question whether he considers the Russian leader a “killer.”

Biden said he would hold new talks with Putin “at some stage.”

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