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Almeida attributes the crowds in the center of Madrid to the perimeter closure and asks to avoid those scenes


However, it guarantees that the Municipal Police act according to the presence of people who are at all times

Jos Luis Martnez-Almeida and Begoa Villacs in La Almudena Cathedral.. NAVARRETE
  • Pandemic Division in the networks for the night ‘parties’ in the street after the curfew in Madrid

The mayor of Madrid, Jos Luis Martnez-Almeida, has blamed this Sunday the images of agglomerations that “must be avoided” in the city and the region to the perimeter closure imposed by Holy Week, and has guaranteed that the Municipal Police act according to the presence of people who are at all times.

“We already warned, and the Community of Madrid the first, that the decision to close the 17 autonomous communities would imply that in a physical space as small as the one we have in the Community of Madrid, with such a high population density ( …) “, as it would be difficult not to produce these crowds,” said the councilor after attending the Eucharist on Palm Sunday in the Cathedral of La Almudena.

Almeida has censored “the scenes that we have seen in the mountains, for example, that do not convince anyone”, but has insisted that “These perimeter closures ultimately produce these kinds of consequences.” “The important thing is that all conditions are maintained, the distance, the mask, and above all that outdoors you do not run the same risk, obviously, as in closed spaces, but as far as possible it is true that try to avoid crowded scenes “, has also pointed out the national spokesman of the PP.

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He highlighted that the Municipal Police device, launched from 3:00 p.m. on April 26 until 24:00 p.m. on April 4, mixes both prevention against the virus and security issues, and has asserted that the agents as soon as they consider “that the appropriate circumstances exist, they will take the appropriate measures” in the different parts of the city.

“For the tranquility of the people of Madrid they have to be aware that the Municipal Police will adopt at all times the measures that are appropriate depending on the presence of people who are, in this case, in the Center of Madrid,” he said to the be asked by that district.

Likewise, Almeida has censored Ms Madrid’s criticism of the regional government on the restrictions, and has asked the formation “to have the courage not only to criticize, but to say what their alternatives would be.” “Or that he has the courage to tell the Government of the nation to close Barajas so that tourists cannot come, or to the Government Delegation that the National Police put in place, which we are not seeing in the streets of Madrid, to control the crowds, “he added.

On the other hand, the Madrid Minister of Justice, Enrique Lpez, has commented after another act that the plan of the City Council of the capital to avoid agglomerations is “a good plan” and that it has “all the support” of the regional government, as in all those large cities that also require this type of protocol.

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López has reiterated that the local police, especially the one in Madrid, have a “tremendous and colossal” job and who are “exhausted” after a year of restrictions. For this reason “we are always asking for help and the collaboration of the Government Delegation” because “it is a problem for everyone and that we all have to try to alleviate” to ensure the protection of public health.

After doing a new call for individual responsibility As “the best weapon to fight against this type of actions” such as illegal parties, it has stressed that it is a minority that “should not question” the actions of the general public “and much less” the opening of the hotel. nor of commerce.

“What we have to be very clear about is that we cannot send a message of fear, of fear, very typical of the left “ but a message “of hope, responsibility and freedom, because with hope, freedom and responsibility we are going to overcome this,” López added.

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