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Allowance for companies wishing to test employees without complaints | NOW

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport has come up with a scheme for companies that want to test their employees for the corona virus without complaints if working from home is not an option. The companies receive an allowance of 20 euros for each preventive test.

The scheme reimburses rapid antigen testing and guided self-sampling tests. Occupational health services and BIG-registered doctors from companies apply for the scheme and carry out the tests at the request of the employers. The scheme, which takes effect from today, will in any case run until the end of May, but can be extended by one month.

The allowance only applies to employees who cannot continue their work at home, emphasizes a spokesperson for the ministry. Another condition for the allowance is that employees must find themselves in work situations in which, through no fault of their own, they can hardly keep a distance of five feet.

Employers therefore complete a statement in which they explicitly state that the tests are intended for employees who meet these conditions. Incidentally, an employer may never oblige employees to take a corona test.

Until last week, there was already an allowance for employers to test employees with complaints. This allowance also applied to the testing of employees who had been in contact with an infected person. The ministry is making € 250 million available for the new scheme.

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“Preventive testing can help detect contamination early and prevent outbreak situations. In addition, employers can provide their employees with a safer working environment through preventive testing, ”said the ministry, which advises employers to perform the tests twice a week.

In a joint statement, employers’ organizations MKB-Nederland and VNO-NCW write that they are happy with the new scheme. “We have been arguing for some time for the possibility of preventive testing in the workplace. It contributes to early detection, prevents outbreaks in companies and increases safety in the workplace. ”

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