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“Allen v. Farrow ”, overwhelming river documentary for Woody Allen

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                In an exclusive 4-episode series produced by HBO and broadcast on the OCS platform, a 4-hour documentary brings new elements to the case that poisons the relationship between Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, his ex-partner.  Allen v.  Farrow returns to the charges of incest targeting the American filmmaker The documentary series, which required 3 years of investigation, was led by two filmmakers who are very knowledgeable on the subject, Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering.  She collects the damning testimonies of the daughter and the ex-companion of the director. 

                                    <p>What is most fascinating to see in the four hours that it lasts <em>Allen v. Farrow</em> ?  Immerse yourself in the intimacy of a couple of stars?  Sharing their vacation in the tropical sun or in Mia Farrow's country house?  See photos of a happy Woody Allen holding his adopted daughter Dylan?

The documentary series investigates the two most painful episodes in this history. On the one hand, the affair of Woody Allen with Soon Yi, the adopted daughter of his companion, 35 years his junior, an affair exposed to the broad daylight of the tabloids in 1992. On the other hand, the accusations brought by Mia Farrow a year later, according to which the filmmaker would have engaged in sexual touching on his daughter Dylan then aged 7 years.

Quantity of documents never shown

The series is dependent, Woody Alen having refused to speak. It is nevertheless fascinating, because it is based on an incredible amount of documents and never shown. It shakes up a number of certainties, and ultimately proves devastating for Woody Allen, showing a cold, vengeful and determined man, where he was imagined poet, naive and absent-minded. Above all, it makes it possible to measure the immense progress made for thirty years in the cases of pedocriminality.

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