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Allegations of assault had an impact on Johnny de Mol and family | NOW

The assault charges against Johnny de Mol, from his ex-fiancé Shima Kaes, have had an impact on him and his family. In On 1 says the presenter that his work gave him the necessary distraction.

What is useful to know

  • Shima Kaes and Johnny de Mol were together for over a year before they ended their engagement in 2015
  • Kaes made allegations years ago, but it never came to a charge before
  • Various cases and reports are now running back and forth

“Something like that does have an impact,” says De Mol in the current affairs program on Tuesday. “Also for your family and for your wife. We now have two young children. But work is good to keep standing what you stand for. At some point you have to go out again and show your face. Especially when you think you can keep looking at yourself in the mirror. ”

At the end of last year, De Mol was accused by Kaes of aggravated assault and attempted manslaughter. Kaes and De Mol were together for over a year before they ended their engagement in 2015.

Kaes filed a complaint in which she says that she was physically treated by De Mol during holidays in Mexico and Ibiza and during an Edison gala. She claims to have been beaten in Ibiza and kicked in her ribs. The presenter would also have closed her throat and pressed his hand to her mouth.

The accusations were contradicted by De Mol’s lawyer at the end of last year. De Mol again denied the allegations in the broadcast: “Our relationship did not deserve a beauty prize, but these kinds of allegations really go too far. I would like to renounce abuse.”

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De Mol does not expect a lawsuit. “We haven’t heard from their case yet.” Another case between De Mol and Kaes is still ongoing, according to the presenter.

Father John de Mol reported extortion

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) confirmed on November 25, 2020, a few days before the assault allegations, that father John de Mol has filed a report of threatening, a form of extortion.

De Mol writes in the declaration that he has received a letter with a proposal for a settlement regarding incriminating information in a book by Mark Koster about the De Mol family that will be published at that time.

The report is directed against Karim Aachboun and Ad Aerts, the legal advisers behind the letter. They also represent Kaes. According to De Mol, the OM is still looking at that case.

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