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All terrain with Fabienne Le Moal

The news told by those who covered it in “Tout terrain”. Between reports and decoding, the reporters of Europe 1 take the time to review the major events of the week, seen from the field. A program framed by Fabienne Le Moal to follow the movements of society and keep an eye on the progress of the world.

– When the French bring their know-how to the titanic construction site of the Sagrada Familia: Jean-Luc Boujon will tell us about the pride of a family business in Saint-Egrève, near Grenoble. They fashioned 12 arrows which will adorn the roof of Gaudi’s work in Barcelona;

– Then dive with Joanna Chabas in the heart of the intensive care unit at Melun hospital, which painfully faces the third wave when it sees younger patients arriving;

– Vaccinate morning, noon and evening … this is the watchword Emmanuel Macron who wants us to ramp up with vaccinodromes and new “vaccinators”. Our health specialist Anne Le Gall will tell us if the logistics can follow and we will see how we vaccinate at the Vélodrome de Marseille with Stephane Frangi, and how we train firefighters to dive in Lille with Lionel Gougelot ;

– And then we will go for a walk in the streets of Limoges where we could still walk yesterday without systematically wearing the mask. But drama this Friday: the prefect has made the mask compulsory everywhere. Our reporter Theo Maneval will explain to us the reasons, not only health, of this turnaround.

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– Finally when mothers take matters into their own hands and mobilize in the neighborhoods to avoid clashes between young people… It happens in Villeneuve Saint Georges, in the Paris region: “La Brigade des daronnes” impressed Justin morin, of the Police / Justice service of Europe 1.

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