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All SAIK players back in training

On Saturday afternoon, the men’s SM final in bandy would actually have been played. But due to total corona chaos in both Villa Lidköping and Sandviken, the decision on which team will face AIK in the final has been postponed.

Tomorrow Sunday, it is thought that the third of, at most, five semifinals will be played. This despite the fact that the players have barely had time to recover from the coronary heart disease.

At Sandviken, it could at least be stated today that all players are back in training.

– We trained for 30 minutes and it worked well for most people. We are not where we were when we left, says coach Jocke Forslund Gefle Dagblad.

A question mark among the players

The bandy association has previously chosen not to postpone any matches, but instead teams affected by illness have had to leave the walkover. But at the beginning of the week it was decided that postpone the semifinal series. But as I said, the match series will still be played over five matches. Right now it is 1-1 in matches.

SAIK goes to Villa Lidköping with 17 players.

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– We go to Lidköping and do our best, says Forslund.

The coach tells the newspaper that there are, however, question marks surrounding important forward Linus Forslund.

– He has problems with asthma and now corona is a tracheal disease. He gets to warm up with the team and then we make the decision.

On Friday, Villa Lidköping also announced that the entire squad is ready for the match.

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CLIP: AIK ready for SM final (March 22, 2021)

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AIK is ready for the Swedish Championship final. Beat out Edsbyn. Photo: Bildbyrån.

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